Baria State

Baria State [The State of Baria], also known as Bariya State, was one of the princely states of India during the period of the British Raj. It was under the Rewa Kantha Agency of the Bombay Presidency and had its capital in Devgadh Baria town of present-day Dahod district in Gujarat state.

Baria State
બારિઆ રિયાસત
Princely State of British India
Flag of Baria
Coat of arms of Baria
Coat of arms
Rewa Kantha Agency with all Princely States Gujarat during British India 1811-1937 with labels.svg
Baria State (sky blue) within Rewa Kantha Agency, British India
CapitalDevgadh Baria
• 1901
2,106 km2 (813 sq mi)
• 1901
• Established
Succeeded by


The state was founded by around 1524. The state had seven subdivisions: Randhikpur, Dudhia, Umaria, Haveli, Kakadkhila, Sagtala and Rajgad. Baria's last ruler signed the accession to the Indian Union on 10 June 1948.[citation needed]


The rulers of Baria were titled "Maharawal" from 1864 onwards.[1] They were granted a hereditary salute of 9 guns by the British.[2]


  • ... – ... Rayasimhji Udaisimhji
  • ... – ... Vijaysimhji Rayasimhji
  • ... – c.1720 Mansimhji I Vijaysimhji (d. c.1720)
  • 17.. – 17.. Prithvirajji I Mansimhji (d. af.1732)
  • ... – ... Rayadharji Prithviraji
  • ... – ... Gangdasji I Rayadharji
  • ... – ... Gambhirsimhji Gangdasji
  • ... – ... Dhiratsimhji Gambhirsimhji
  • 1803? Jashwantsimhji Sahibsimhji
  • 18.. – Aug 1819 Gangdasji II Jashwantsimhji (d. 1819)
  • 1819 Prithvirajji II Gangdasji (d. 1864) (1st time)
  • 1819 Rupji (usurper)
  • 1819 – 1820 Bhimsimhji Gangdasji
  • 1820 – 1864 Prithvirajji II Gangdasji (s.a.) (2nd time)


  • 5 Mar 1864 – 25 Feb 1908 Mansimhji II Prithirajji (b. 1855 – d. 1908)
  • 25 Feb 1908 – 15 Aug 1947 Ranjitsimhji Mansimhji (b. 1886 – d. 1949) (from 1 Jan 1922, Sir Ranjitsimhji Mansimhji)
  • 28 March

HH Maharawal Jaydeepsinhji[edit]Edit

After Sir Ranjitsinhji, his grandson, Jaydeepsinhji became a king, 17th Raja of Baria 1948–1987, born 1929, and coronation ceremony was held in 1948. The British Raj cease to exist and a new nation India was born. The State of Baria was merged into India and became part of Bombay state. Maharaul Jaydeepsinji remained active politics in India from 1961 and 1987. HH Maharawal Jaydeepsinhji Sobhagsinhji Member of the 8th Lok Sabha, a renowned polo player, married 27 May 1948, HH Maharani Prem Kumari, daughter of HH Saramad-i-Rajahai Hindustan Raj Rajendra Shri Maharajadhiraj Sir Sawai Man Singhji II Bahadur of Jaipur, and his first wife, HH Maharani Marudhar Kunwar, and had issue. He was elected member of Gujarat Legislative Assembly and later elected as the Member of Parliament as member of Indian National Congress Party. Maharaul Jaydeepsinh became instrumental in introducing Mr. Sam Pitroda to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Mr. Pitroda narrated the entire episode that how he met Maharaja Jaydeepsinh in Delhi at his bungalow in his autobiography.  The rest is the history that later Mr. Pitroda contributed to India's telecom revolution.

HH Jaydeepsinhji ruled the heart of his people with life of a Rajyogi. He built a strong foundation of Devgadh Baria by donating the most of his personal assets to build various academic and sports institutions. Old Rajmahal was given to the Baria Higher Education Society where Yuvraj Subhagsinhji Arts College was started. Later it was with the contribution of Kantilal Saburdash contributed and college have Commerce faculty. Today, Yuvraj Subhagsinhji Arts and Kantilal Saburdash Commerce College (Y. S. Arts and K. S. Shah Commerce College, Devgadh Baria) is a vibrant center of higher education in the region. The college gave many alumni in the area of education, spots, and police services. Maharaul Jaydeepsinhji remained the head of the Baria Higher Education Society till his death in 1987.

Shri Jaydeepsinhji was visionary and he donated Sir Ranjitsinhji Gymkhana to Gujarat Government. Today Maharaja Jaydipsinhji Sports complex is built on the same land given by the late Maharaja. It is famous for training of archery, athletics, gymnasium, hockey, kusti, judo, and swimming.  He was honorable country member of World Olympics.

The Gujarat State Government gives the Jaydeepsinh Baria Awards for excellence in the sport in the State of Gujarat every year.

The Present Royal Family of Devgadh Baria[edit]Edit

RajMata Urvashi Deviji [Princess Bambi], born 22 July 1949 in Devgadh-Baria, Dahod; B.A. (Hons.), Member of the 8th Gujarat Legislative Assembly, married Rajkumar Kanak Singh of Dumraon, and has, one son. Maharaja Tushar Singh (Baba Saheb).

  • HH Maharaja Tushar Singhji (Baba Saheb) [Shri Tusharsinhji Kanaksinhji], born 19 April 1973, educated at boarding schools in Shimla, a District Panchayat Member, Chairman of the Panchayat Construction Committee, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat from Devgadh Baria; married Maharajkumari Ambika Kumari, born 17 January 1977, daughter of Raja Aniruddh Pal Singh of Awagadh, and his wife, Rani Anjali Devi, and has issue, two sons.
    • Kunwar Arunoday Singh, born 9 July 2002.
    • Kunwar Nirbhay Singh, born 15 December 2005.

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