Baltazar Adam Krčelić

Baltazar Adam Krčelić (5 February 1715 – 29 March 1778)[1] was a Croatian historian, theologian and lawyer. After Vitezović, he was the most prominent figure in the Croatian cultural life of the time.

Baltazar Adam Krčelić
Born5 February 1715
Šenkovec, near Zagreb, Kingdom of Croatia, Habsburg Monarchy
Died29 March 1778
Zagreb, Kingdom of Croatia, Habsburg Monarchy
  • Historian
  • Literary historian
  • Theologian
  • Lawyer


He was born in Šenkovec near Zagreb on 5 February 1715 and was schooled in Zagreb, Vienna and Bologna, where he gained a degree in theology and law. In 1747, he was the canon of Zagreb and rector of the Collegium Croaticum Viennense in Vienna. In 1755, at the prompting of the court in Vienna, he composed a draft for the administrative reform in Croatia. His first published work is the biography of medieval Bishop of Zagreb Augustin Kažotić, which was written in Kajkavian. In 1754, he completed a major work of eclessial history of Zagreb, publishing it in 1770, which was later used by Daniele Farlati. His yearbook Annuae 1748–1767 is a precious source for the history of the period. Shortly before his death, he donated his books and manuscripts to the library of the Royal Academy in Zagreb, which was a precursor to today's National and University Library in Zagreb. He died in Zagreb on 29 March 1778.[2]


  • Živlenje blaženoga Gazotti Augustina, zagrebečkoga biskupa, 1747
  • Historiarum cathedralis ecclesiae Zagrabiensis partis primae tomus primus, printed 1770
  • De Regnis Dalmatiae, Croatiae, Slavoniae notitiae praeliminares, 1770
  • Annuae sive historia ab anno inclusive 1748. et subsequis (1767) ad posteritatis notitiam, 1901


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