Bagh Bhairab Temple

Bagh Bhairab Temple is a historic Hindu temple dedicated to Bagh Bhairab, an incarnation of Shiva as a tiger.[1] It is located in Kirtipur, Bagmati Province, Nepal and dates back to the 16th century.[1] The residents of Kiritpur believe that Bagh Bhairab protects the town.[1] Bagh Bhairab Temple features the swords used by King of Gorkha (later King of Nepal) Prithvi Narayan Shah's army during the Battle of Kirtipur.[1][2][3]

Bagh Bhairab Temple
बाग भैरव मन्दिर
Bagh Bhairab Temple, बाघ भैरव मन्दिर, Kirtipur, Kathmandu.jpg
Bagh Bhairab Temple in 2019
DeityBagh Bhairab
FestivalsBagh Bhairab Jatra
Bagh Bhairab Temple is located in Kathmandu Valley
Bagh Bhairab Temple
Shown within Kathmandu Valley
Bagh Bhairab Temple is located in Nepal
Bagh Bhairab Temple
Bagh Bhairab Temple (Nepal)
Geographic coordinates27°40′46″N 85°16′35″E / 27.679442602314833°N 85.27646359790431°E / 27.679442602314833; 85.27646359790431Coordinates: 27°40′46″N 85°16′35″E / 27.679442602314833°N 85.27646359790431°E / 27.679442602314833; 85.27646359790431


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