Badr Khan Shahsevan

Badr Khan Shahsevan (Persian: بدر خان شاهسون) was the chief of the Shahsevan tribe in 18th century, living in what is the modern Ardabil Province of Iran.

Badr Khan Shahsevan
Paramount Chief of the Shahsevan
PredecessorAli Qoli Khan Shahsevan
SuccessorNazarali Khan
BornSarikhanlu, Safavid Iran
FatherAli Qoli Khan Shahsevan


He was from Sarikhanbayli branch of Shahsevan tribal group. He was described as either the son of Sarikhan bey[1] himself or his uncle Allahqoli Pasha's son,[2] in both cases a descendant of Yunsur Pasha, leader of the Shahsevans who may have been from Afshars. According to Radde, he was the khan of Meshgin, while his brother Nazarali Khan was ruling in Ardabil.[2]

He was present in the qurultai of Nader in January 1736, when he was forced to accept him as the new shah with ropes around his neck.[3] He was subsequently appointed as paramount chief of the Shahsevan tribe in the region and accompanied Nader on various campaigns. His subsequent fate after death of Nader Shah is unknown.[4]


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Preceded by
Ali Qoli Khan Shahsevan
Paramount Chief of the Shahsevan
1736 - 1747
Succeeded by