BC Šiauliai

BC Šiauliai (Lithuanian: Krepšinio klubas Šiauliai) is the professional basketball club of Šiauliai, Lithuania. The club competes in the Lithuanian Basketball League. It has won the 3rd place award (behind Lithuanian basketball giants Lietuvos Rytas and Žalgiris) in the LKL a record 9 times.

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NicknameŠiaulių Šiauliai
LeaguesLithuanian Baskbetball League
Founded1984; 37 years ago (1984)
HistoryŠiaulių Kelininkas
Šiaulių Šiauliai
Šiaulių Šiauliai-7bet
ArenaŠiauliai Arena
LocationŠiauliai, Lithuania
Team colorsYellow, black
Head coachAntanas Sireika
Championships3 Baltic Basketball League
9 Lithuanian Basketball League Med 3.png


BC Kelininkas (1982–1994)Edit

The team was formed in 1984 and participated in the second-tier Lithuanian league. Following Tauras Šiauliai club bankrupt, BC Kelininkas became city's primary basketball club. During the 1994–95 season in LKAL, BC Kelininkas played his last season under this name. BC Kelininkas, led by Antanas Sireika, Robertas Giedraitis, Donatas Slanina and Mindaugas Žukauskas, finished with the 18–2 regular season record and advanced into the playoffs. There they successfully completed two stages by overcoming Banga Kaunas and SAVY Vilnius. Though, later they were defeated by Vilnius LPA twice.[1] Then BC Kelininkas, due to the sponsorship reasons, was renamed to BC Šiauliai.

First victories and titles (1994–2003)Edit

In June, 1994 Adomas Klimavičius and Šiaulių plentas company chief engineer Algimantas Mikšys participated in the LKL board meeting, where they presented filmed material about Šiauliai city infrastructure, budget, team roster and coaches. Then the board members voted: ten members from thirteen voted for BC Šiauliai request acceptance to join LKL.[2] The team successfully joined LKL and was coached by Antanas Sireika.[3]

After two loses to Lavera Kaunas and Statyba Vilnius, BC Šiauliai returned home. During the first game in Tauras Sports Hall, BC Šiauliai achieved club's first victory in LKL versus NECA Kaunas 93–75. Oleg Bulancev scored 25 points, Mindaugas Žukauskas – 18 points, Arvydas Tamkevičius added 17 points back then.[4]

Former BC Šiauliai player Antanas Sireika worked as the head coach of the club for seven straight seasons before joining Lithuania men's national basketball team, which won the European title during his debut years.

Following successful debut season in LKL, where they finished 4th, the club achieved the right to participate in the 1995–96 FIBA Korać Cup tournament. The sorcery told that their first opponent will be Śląsk Wrocław from Poland. BC Šiauliai showed extraordinary fighting efficiency in the second half and defeated the Polish team 100–88, thanks to the solid 24-points performance by Giedrius Pečiulionis.[5]

Donatas Slanina began his career in BC Šiauliai.

BC Šiauliai won the 32nd Lithuanian men's basketball cup. The team joined the tournament in the third stage where they defeated Olimpas Plungė twice. The final four took place in Šiauliai. In the semi-final BC Šiauliai overcome BC Šilutė 83–68 and in the final, after a spirited battle, they won versus Statyba Vilnius 96–88.[6]

On April 1, 1996, Mindaugas Žukauskas has performed a record appearance, when BC Šiauliai met the regular season winners Atletas Kaunas in the LKL quarter-final. Žukauskas led his hometown team to the 91–86 victory by scoring 45 points (11 two-pointers, 5 three-pointers and 8 free-throws).[7][8] This astonishing performance remains unimproved until the nowadays.

The 1998 LKF Cup Final Four was hosted in Šiauliai and the team was willing to defend their last season' golden title at any costs. Though, they were overshadowed by the newly formed Lietuvos rytas-Statyba Vilnius 65–72.

During the 1999–00 LKL season, BC Šiauliai won their first-ever LKL bronze medals by reaching the 3–1 revenge versus Sakalai Vilnius, who crushed their bronze dreams previous season. First series game, which BC Šiauliai unexpectedly won 77–62 in Vilnius, is regarded as crucial.[9] The series ended 3–1.

Another record performance happened on March 3, 2001 when Giedrius Pečiulionis realized 11 three-pointers from 16 versus BC Panevėžys. Totally, Pečiulionis scored 41 points that night and led BC Šiauliai to the excellent 107–69 triumph.[10] This performance was just 2 three-pointers behind from the LKL record of 13 three-pointers held by Joey Vickery since 1996, and is the second result in the whole LKL history. Third result of 10 three-pointers per one game is also held by Giedrius Pečiulionis since 1998.[11]

During the 2000–01 season, BC Šiauliai achieved the LKL all-time scoring record of 143 points versus BC Suvalkija in Marijampolė. Totally, BC Šiauliai players realized 49 two-pointers with the stunning 86% accuracy and 39 free-throws.[12] In the same season BC Šiauliai won their second consecutive LKL bronze medals, winning series 3–1 versus Alita Alytus. The final victorious 62–97 match was played in Alytus.[13]

BC Šiauliai failed to extend their bronze medals streak this time, losing the LKL bronze series 2–3 in 2002 and 1–3 in 2003 to Alita Alytus.[14][15] Although, that was just a silence before the true storm.

True LKL bronze domination (2004–2010)Edit

During the 2003–04 season, BC Šiauliai returned to the bronze LKL throne, defeating Sakalai Vilnius 3–2 in the final series game 84–78.[16][17]

BC Šiauliai playing LKL match versus Žalgiris Kaunas in home arena.

Next season they totally won 3 bronze medals in three different competitions. First of all, BC Šiauliai participated in the FIBA Europe cup Final Four, held in Moscow. They were crushed 94–57 by Lokomotiv Rostov in the semi-final, though they successfully rehabilitated next day with the 86–71 victory over EURAS Ekaterinburg and were decorated with the season' first bronze medals.[18][19] Secondly, they continued their solid season in Baltic Basketball League, reaching the semi-final. They failed to overcome the legendary Lithuanian club Žalgiris Kaunas there, losing 89–61, but were able to defeat BK Ventspils 97–87 and won their second bronze medals that season.[20][21] Astonishing season ended with the 3–1 series triumph over Sakalai Vilnius during the LKL bronze final, winning the club's fourth LKL bronze medals.[22][23]

In the 2005–06 season, BC Šiauliai once again won BBL bronze medals, defeating Nevėžis Kėdainiai 76–59. That day the team was led by Tadas Klimavičius (12 points, 15 rebounds) and Artūras Jomantas (20 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and steals).[24] The team also won their fifth LKL bronze medals after sweeping Nevėžis Kėdainiai 3–0.[25] All the series victories were achieved with the average of 15.7 points.[26]

Tadas Klimavičius, one of that time primary BC Šiauliai players, who won three LKL bronze medals sets.

During the 2006–07 season, the club won their sixth bronze medals, defeating Neptūnas Klaipėda 3–0 as well.[27] Though, this time two away games were won respectively by only two and three points.[28]

Before the 2007–08 season, BC Šiauliai club moved to their newly built 5,700 seats Šiauliai Arena. First official game there was played on September 28, 2007 versus Aisčiai-Atletas, winning it 73–61.[29] That season they won the LKF Cup bronze medals for the first time, losing to the Euroleague participant Lietuvos rytas Vilnius only 66–71 in the semi-final, but confidently defeating Neptūnas Klaipėda 111–92 for the bronze. The final four was held in Šiauliai. BC Šiauliai also won their seventh LKL bronze medals, after smashing BC Alytus 3–0.[30] The team has shown impressive sports form with 95.7 points per game in the series.[31]

In the 2008–09 season BC Šiauliai won their second LKF Cup bronze medals. In the semi-final they once again lost to Lietuvos rytas Vilnius 94–66, but overcome Aisčiai Kaunas team, which was led by Donatas Motiejūnas, to win the bronze 97–89.[32][33] Records times returned for BC Šiauliai when Andrius Šležas participated in the 2009 LKL Three-point Shootout contest. During the tournament semi-final, he accurately made 27 of 30 three-pointers and achieved the tournament record, which is unimproved until the nowadays. Although, Šležas never won the title, despite competing in the contest three times. In the spring of 2009, they qualified for the LKL bronze final once again. BC Šiauliai won first two series games after OT with identical result of 101–93.[34][35] Though, Neptūnas did not gave up after first two exhausting games and won two consecutive games as well: 90–95 and 78–75.[36][37] BC Šiauliai secured their bronze title in the fifth series game, defeating Neptūnas 80–73, and winning their eighth victorious LKL bronze medals series 3–2.[38]

Mindaugas Kuzminskas, the club's major star in the 2009–10 season.

BC Šiauliai firmly expanded their bronze medals collection in the 2009–10 season. As year before, they began with the LKF Cup bronze, winning versus Nevėžis Kėdainiai 76–79. Derrick Low (23 points, 6 assists) and Deividas Gailius (21 points) led BC Šiauliai to the close victory back then.[39] Derrick Low also participated in the 2010 LKL Three-point Shootout contest, winning first such title for the club. In the tournament final he scored 22 points and outperformed Adas Juškevičius who scored 21.[40] BC Šiauliai won another thriller 84–83 in the BBL bronze final versus BK Ventspils after Vytautas Šarakauskas buzzer-beater. The referees counted it in, however BK Ventspils submitted a protest by telling that it was made after time. BBL accepted their protest and decided to rematch the game on Sunday. Though, BK Ventspils club did not show up in the game and technically lost it 20–0.[41] BC Šiauliai players were awarded with the club's third BBL bronze medals set. They also captured their season' third bronze medals in the LKL bronze final by defeating Juventus Utena in the third series game 87–67, winning the series 3–0.[42] It was the club's seventh straight LKL bronze medals set. Following the outstanding season ending, team leader Mindaugas Kuzminskas, who averaged 16.7 points and 6 rebounds per game in LKL, signed with the legendary Žalgiris Kaunas.[43]

Tough times (2011–2013)Edit

Rolandas Alijevas efforts were pointless in the 2012–13 season.

After seven solid seasons, BC Šiauliai had difficult times during the next three. Edvinas Ruzgas won the 2011 LKL Three-point Shootout contest, however it was the only title BC Šiauliai received that season.[44] The club achieved only 7th spot in the BBL that season. Furthermore, they also surprisingly lost the LKL quarter-final to Juventus Utena and did not qualified into the Eurocup, staying without the European competitions for the first time after nine consecutive seasons.

BC Šiauliai returned to the BBL bronze final during the 2011–12 BBL season, but they were defeated by VEF Rīga there. The team finished 3rd during the 2011–12 LKL regular season and advanced into the LKL bronze final, though they were crushed 3–1 there by Rūdupis Prienai.[45]

The 2012–13 season was another dark spot for the BC Šiauliai club history. Firstly, they were eliminated in the quarter-final of BBL by BK Ventspils due to the unfavorable points ratio as they lost the second series game 80–87 and the first game was won only by 3 points (81–78). It was the club's all-time worst performance in BBL. In the 2012–13 LKL regular season they finished only 6th and were defeated by BC Prienai once again, this time – at the quarter-final 2–0.[46]

BBL champions (2013–2016)Edit

Rokas Giedraitis led BC Šiauliai to two consecutive BBL titles before joining Lietuvos rytas Vilnius in 2015. He also led the team to their third straight title in 2016 after returning to the club.

Following the three completely dry seasons, BC Šiauliai started expanding their trophies collection again. First of all, Travis Leslie won the 2014 LKL Slam Dunk Contest by performing tremendous dunks.[47] He also led Šiauliai to the 2013–14 Baltic Basketball League title and was named MVP twice: in the regular season and in the finals.[48] Despite that, BC Šiauliai were eliminated in the LKL quarter-final again by the future finalist Neptūnas Klaipėda. Travis Leslie joined Lietuvos rytas Vilnius after this season and won the LKL Slam Dunk Contest again by dunking over Mercedes-Benz and Grigorij Khizhnyak.[49][50] BC Šiauliai retained their BBL title by defeating BK Ventspils in the finals 2–0 during the following season. Second game, which was won 88–80, required OT.[51] Gintaras Leonavičius was named MVP of the tournament. BC Šiauliai also recovered their LKF Cup bronze title that season.[52] However, the 2014–15 LKL season playoffs ended early for them, after being eliminated in the quarter-final for the third straight season, this time – by Lietuvos rytas Vilnius 3–0.[53] Following the end of the season, two BC Šiauliai players: Rokas Giedraitis and Julius Jucikas joined Rytas.[54][55]

On July 29, 2015, the club was invited to join the 2015–16 FIBA Europe Cup tournament, which is the alternative version of the 2nd tier European tournament Eurocup, organized by FIBA.[56] Though, the team did not advance into the second stage of the FIBA Europe Cup due to the unfavorable points difference. On April 6, 2016, the team won their third BBL title in a row.[57] In the LKL, the club lost a tough series to future finalist BC Neptūnas 1:3, despite strong efforts from the returning Rokas Giedraitis, who was loaned to the team by Lietuvos rytas.

Decline and comeback (2016–present)Edit

The 2016–2017 season, however, became one of the worst nightmares in club history. Coach Petrauskas left the team, and was replaced by longtime former player and assistant coach Vaidas Pauliukėnas. The team also left the BBL, but participated in the BBL Cup tournament (finishing 4th). Due to poor financial situation, many players left the club, resulting in the team plummeting to the bottom of the LKL, and in the 2016–17 FIBA Europe Cup, where Šiauliai lost all 6 games. Longtime president Adomas Klimavičius resigned, and was replaced by former player Mindaugas Žukauskas. Financial problems and scandals plagued the team. Despite some improvement by the end of the season, in large part due to great performances by Martynas Echodas, Šiauliai still finished in last place in the LKL - the team's worst season in history.

Antanas Sireika, legendary coach of the team, was announced as the coach for the 2017-18 season.[58] Šiauliai then signed players like Nick Zeisloft, whose many clutch baskets helped during the season, Arminas Urbutis and the returning Vytautas Šarakauskas, re-signed point guard Donatas Sabeckis and loaned Laurynas Birutis, a talented young center, from BC Žalgiris. Šiauliai also returned to the Baltic Basketball League. Šiauliai initially struggled, including an 8-game losing streak at the start of the season, leading to many fans remembering the poor 2017 season. By March, the team had completely recovered, winning 9 of their last 14 games, including upset victory at home over Žalgiris 93:90, and two wins over BC Neptūnas 78:71 in Klaipėda and 77:76 at home. A blowout win over BC Lietkabelis, last year's LKL finalist, 87:65, helped the team secure 5th place. In the LKL quarterfinals, returning after a one-year absence, Šiauliai faced the same Lietkabelis team. The young team could not overcome the veteran leadership of Lietkabelis, and lost the series 1:3, though ending the season on a positive note. In the 2018 Karaliaus Mindaugo taurė, Šiauliai faced champion Žalgiris Kaunas, and lead by an amazing performance by Birutis, who scored 35 points and had 11 rebounds, fought the champions to the limit, losing only in the end 78:85. In the Baltic Basketball League, to which the team returned after a season absence, Šiauliai was one of the best teams all season, tying first place with BK Jūrmala in regular season group play. In the quarterfinals, Šiauliai defeated BK Ogre on aggregate, 175:162 (78:75 at home and 97:87 away), before facing tournament favorite BC Pieno žvaigždės in the semifinals. The young Šiauliai team lost the series on aggregate, 148:159 (84:91 at home and 64:68 away) to Pieno žvaigždės, who went on to win the BBL. In the 3rd place matchup, Šiauliai faced BC Tartu, and won the first game in Tartu 88:86, but lost in a huge upset at home 70:78 and lost on aggregate, 158:164, leaving the 3 time BBL champions with a disappointing 4th-place finish.

Over the next to seasons, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020, Šiauliai did not have the same amounts of success. Team leaders like Birutis, Sabeckis and Zeisloft left the team. Šiauliai finished last in 2019, though did improve in 2020, finishing in 8th place. Many players, like Karolis Lukošiūnas, Ignas Vaitkus, Rokas Gustys and Evaldas Šaulys, moved on to top teams in the LKL after successful individual seasons with Šiauliai.


Retired numbersEdit

BC Šiauliai has three retired numbers of players who had significant influence in the team's results previously.[59]

BC Šiauliai retired numbers
No. Nat. Player Position Tenure
5   Mindaugas Žukauskas SF, PF 1995–97, 2009–12
12   Donatas Slanina G 1993–1999
13   Robertas Giedraitis PG 1995–2005
HC   Antanas Sireika Head coach 1995-02, 2008–12, 2017–present

Current rosterEdit

Note: Flags indicate national team eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Players may hold other non-FIBA nationality not displayed.

BC Šiauliai roster
Players Coaches
Pos. No. Nat. Name Ht. Wt. Age
G/F 2   Varnas, Martynas 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in) 86 kg (190 lb) 24 – (1997-01-21)21 January 1997
F 3   Šarauskas, Domantas 2.00 m (6 ft 7 in) 85 kg (187 lb) 17 – (2004-02-21)21 February 2004
SG 4   Stankevičius, Eimantas 1.92 m (6 ft 4 in) 90 kg (198 lb) 23 – (1998-04-01)1 April 1998
G 6   Jonkus, Ernestas 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in) 85 kg (187 lb) 22 – (1999-07-03)3 July 1999
PF 7   Urbutis, Arminas 2.05 m (6 ft 9 in) 100 kg (220 lb) 35 – (1986-05-15)15 May 1986
F 22   Baslyk, Daniel 2.00 m (6 ft 7 in) 95 kg (209 lb) 20 – (2001-02-24)24 February 2001
F 77   Danusevičius, Paulius 2.05 m (6 ft 9 in) 95 kg (209 lb) 20 – (2001-05-08)8 May 2001
C 88   Paukštė, Jonas 2.24 m (7 ft 4 in) 120 kg (265 lb) 21 – (2000-09-10)10 September 2000
C --   Staniulis, Giedrius 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) 109 kg (240 lb) 30 – (1991-04-16)16 April 1991
PG --   Sabeckis, Donatas 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in) 95 kg (209 lb) 28 – (1992-12-30)30 December 1992
F/C --   Armwood, Isaiah 2.06 m (6 ft 9 in) 98 kg (216 lb) 30 – (1990-12-28)28 December 1990
Head coach
Assistant coach(es)
Athletic trainer(s)

  • (C) Team captain
  •   Injured

Updated: August 7, 2021

Depth chartEdit

Pos. Starting 5 Bench 1 Reserve
C Arminas Urbutis Giedrius Staniulis Jonas Paukštė
PF Paulius Danusevičius
SF Isaiah Armwood Martynas Varnas Daniel Baslyk
SG Jon Elmore Eimantas Stankevičius
PG Donatas Sabeckis Ernestas Jonkus

Squad changes for/during 2021-22 seasonEdit


No. Pos. Nat. Name Moving from
C   Giedrius Staniulis Alytus Dzūkija  
PG   Donatas Sabeckis Lions de Genève  
PF/C   Isaiah Armwood Lakeland Magic  


No. Pos. Nat. Name Moving to
8 C   Andy Van Vliet  
10 PG   Elvar Friðriksson Antwerp Giants  
20 PF/C   Kaspars Bērziņš Lietkabelis Panevėžys  
34 PG   Šarūnas Valunta  
15 PF   Ryan Anderson  
55 PF/C   Denis Krestinin BK Ventspils  

On loanEdit

No. Pos. Nat. Name Moving to Date
PF   Daniel Baslyk BC Ereliai   September 2020


Season by seasonEdit

Robertas Javtokas shortly played for Šiauliai in his career beginning.
Vytautas Šulskis as a member of BC Šiauliai in 2015.
Season League Pos. Regional competitions LKF Cup European Competitions
1994–95 LKL 4th
1995–96 LKL 8th 3 Korać Cup R32
1996–97 LKL 4th 3 Korać Cup PR
1997–98 LKL 7th Runner-up 3 Korać Cup R32
1998–99 LKL 4th 3 Korać Cup R16
1999–00 LKL 3rd 3 Korać Cup R32
2000–01 LKL 3rd NEBL
2001–02 LKL 4th NEBL
2002–03 LKL 4th 3 FIBA Champions' Cup QR
2003–04 LKL 3rd 4 FIBA Europe Cup QR
2004–05 LKL 3rd BBL Elite Division 3rd 4 FIBA Europe Cup CS
2005–06 LKL 3rd BBL Elite Division 3rd 3 FIBA EuroCup RS
2006–07 LKL 3rd BBL Elite Division 4th Fourth qualified 3 FIBA EuroCup L16
2007–08 LKL 3rd BBL Elite Division 5th Third qualified 2 ULEB Cup RS
2008–09 LKL 3rd BBL Elite Division 5th Third qualified 3 EuroChallenge RS
2009–10 LKL 3rd BBL Elite Division 3rd Third qualified 2 Eurocup RS
2010–11 LKL 5th BBL Elite Division 7th Quarterfinalist 2 Eurocup RS
2011–12 LKL 4th BBL Elite Division 4th Third round
2012–13 LKL 6th BBL Quarterfinalist Semifinalist
2013–14 LKL 6th BBL Champion Fifth round
2014–15 LKL 7th BBL Champion Third place 3 EuroChallenge RS
2015–16 LKL 8th BBL Champion Quarterfinalist 3 FIBA Europe Cup RS
2016–17 LKL 10th 4 FIBA Europe Cup RS
2017–18 LKL 5th BBL Semifinalist Quarterfinalist
2018–19 LKL 10th 3 Champions League QR1
2019–20 LKL 8th Quarterfinalist
2020-21 LKL Quarterfinalist
Detailed information of former rosters and results.[60][61][62]

League attendancesEdit

This is a list of league games attendances of BC Siauliai at Šiauliai Arena.

Season Total High Low Average
2014–15 LKL 28,905 4,500 450 1,376
2015–16 LKL 29,167 5,465 381 1,535
2016–17 LKL 24,340 2,800 300 1,352

Head coachesEdit

Gediminas Petrauskas coached BC Šiauliai to three consecutive BBL titles.
Coach Seasons Tenure W L T Total PCT
Antanas Sireika 13 1994–2003, 2009–2012, 2017-present 385 297 0 682 56.45%
Ramūnas Butautas 2 2003-05 57 49 0 106 53.77%
Aloyzas Rudys 2 2005-07 63 51 0 114 55.26%
Robertas Kuncaitis 1 2007-08 25 21 0 46 54.35%
Robertas Giedraitis 2 2007-09 26 16 1 43 60.47%
Gediminas Petrauskas 3 2012-15 96 72 1 169 56.80%
Vaidas Pauliukėnas 1 2016-17 6 30 0 36 16,66 %
Last updated: 2017-06-19.[63]

Club players recordsEdit

Player Opponent Result Tournament Type Record Season
Mindaugas Žukauskas
Atletas Kaunas
Vytautas Šarakauskas
Nevėžis Kėdainiai
Vytautas Šarakauskas
Juventus Utena
Audrius Danusevičius
Rujiena Valmiera
FIBA EuroCup
Andrius Giedraitis
Dendi Basket Kiev
Korać Cup
Robertas Giedraitis
Sakalai Vilnius
Robertas Giedraitis
Statyba Vilnius
Andrius Mažutis
Lac. Alus Valmiera
Oleg Bulancev
NECA Kaunas
Oleg Bulancev
Michailas Anisimovas
Neptūnas Klaipėda
Oleg Bulancev
Neptūnas Klaipėda
Ovidijus Galdikas
Denzel Bowles
Baltai Kaunas
Field goal
Arvydas Tamkevičius
Statyba Vilnius
Mario Delaš
Nevėžis Kėdainiai
Arvydas Tamkevičius
NECA Kaunas
Tadas Klimavičius
Lac. Alus Valmiera
Giedrius Pečiulionis
Žydrūnas Urbonas
FIBA Champions' Cup
Free throws
Last updated: 2015-08-14.[64]

Notable playersEdit

To appear in this section a player must be either:

  • A player who has played at least 3 seasons (if foreign player) or 5 seasons (if Lithuanian player) for the club.
  • A player who has won individual award.
  • A Lithuanian player who has played for the Lithuanian national basketball team.
  • A foreign international player who had significantly contributed into the results of the club.
  • A Lithuanian player who had significantly contributed into the results of the club.


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