Będzin Power Station

Będzin Power Station (Polish: Elektrociepłownia Będzin) is a cogeneration plant in Będzin, Silesian Voivodeship, Poland.[1][2][3]

Będzin Power Station
EC Będzin.jpg
Official nameElektrociepłownia Będzin
Coordinates50°18′14″N 19°8′16″E / 50.30389°N 19.13778°E / 50.30389; 19.13778Coordinates: 50°18′14″N 19°8′16″E / 50.30389°N 19.13778°E / 50.30389; 19.13778
Construction began1913
Commission date1916
Owner(s)Elektrociepłownia Będzin S.A.
Thermal capacity445 MWt
Power generation
Units operational81.5 MW
Make and model13UCK 80
Annual net output151 GW·h (2014)
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The plant is operated by the Elektrociepłownia Będzin S.A. company. It is the major energy provider for the Zagłębie Dąbrowskie. Its construction begun in 1913, and it started operating in 1916. The company is a stock action company since 1993, and is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Electrical production in 2014 was 151,140 MW·h.[4]

Rated capacity of the two OP-140 utility boilers is 2 x 145 t/h = 290 t/h,[5] equivalent to 112,6 MWt each, 225,2 MWt total.[6]

Rated heat capacity of the heating boilers (1 x WP-70 and 1 x WP-120) is 220.2 MWt. The total installed heat capacity is 445.4 MWt[7] plus 83.5 MWt in cogeneration from the 13UCK 80 turboset.[8] (UCK is a turbine classification acronym which stands for "kondensacyjne z upustami przemysłowymi i ciepłowniczymi", polish for "condensation with industrial and district heating")[9]

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