Azzan bin Qais

Imam Azzan bin Qais[citation needed] (Arabic: الإمام عزان بن قيس‎) was the Imam of Oman between 1868 and 1870. He deposed his distant relative Sayyid Salim bin Thuwaini and ruled according to religious law. He also opposed the Saudi interference in the Buraimi Oasis. He fought against Salim's uncle, Sayyid Turki bin Said at the Battle of Dhank, before being killed in battle at Muttrah in 1871.[1]

Azzan bin Qais
Sultan of Oman
PredecessorSalim bin Thuwaini
SuccessorTurki bin Said
Died30 January 1871
Spousea daughter of Said bin Khalfan Al-Khalili
DynastyAl Said
FatherQais bin Azzan


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Regnal titles
Preceded by Sultan of Oman
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