Ayla is a common feminine Turkish given name.

Pronunciation[aye lah]
MeaningTurkish: "Halo of light around the moon (or the sun)"; Hebrew: "Terebinth tree" or "Oak tree"
Other names
Related namesAila, Ajla, Ayala, Ayelet, Aylin, Aylanur, Eila, Eyla, Ela



In Turkish the name Ayla is commonly said to mean "halo of light around the moon".

Ayla is usually used as synonymous with "moonlight", although it could also mean "halo" in general. "Ay" means "moon" in Turkish, so "Ayla" means the "halo around the moon."[1][2][3][4] "Ayla" also means "with the moon" as a word ("ay" + "la" where "la" is used for "ile" which means "with" in Turkish). However, in the context of given names, its meaning is halo, and can be related to names Aylin (also deriving from "ay"), Tülin, or Aylanur.



In Hebrew the name Ayla is commonly said to mean "terebinth tree" or "oak tree" from the words "ela/אֵלָה" and "alon/אַלּוֹן" respectively.[5][6][7] It has also been attributed to "doe", "gazelle", or "deer" from the words "ayala/אַיָּלָה" and "ayelet/אַיֶלֶת".[8][9][10]



Aila is a homophonous name in Finnish (equivalent of Helga or Olga) meaning "bringer of light", and in Scottish meaning "from a strong and resilient place".[11][better source needed][12]

Ayla is sometimes falsely identified as a variant of feminine Arabic name "Aliya" meaning "sublime" or "large". "Aliya" or "Aaliyah" is actually the female form of "Ali" or "Aali" and is an unrelated name. The Turkish variant of "Aaliyah" is closer to "Aliye" not "Ayla."[13][14][15]



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