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Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau

Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau Nieto (born 20 January 1964) is a Spanish hyperrealist painter, specialist in historical military paints that portray different times of the Spanish Armed Forces, with great naturalism and detail.

Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau

Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau Nieto

(1964-01-20) 20 January 1964 (age 54)
Known forPainting
Notable work
Rocroi, the last tercio
MovementHyper realist


Biography and workEdit

Ferrer Dalmau painting Rocroi, el último tercio (English: Rocroi, the last tercio).

Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau Nieto was born in Barcelona in a family of the Catalan bourgeoisie linked to Carlism (he is the great-nephew of the Carlist journalist and historian (Melchor Ferrer Dalmau).[1] He studied at the Jesuit college of San Ignacio in Sarriá.[2] At the end of the 1980s he worked as a textile designer for different firms, always maintaining his passion for oil painting.[3] His vocation for military and history also led him to paint this subject from a very young age and write a book (Batallón Román),[4][better source needed] although his first independent and self-taught works were landscapes, especially seascapes.[5]

Later, inspired by the work of Antonio López García, he focused on urban environments and captured in his canvases the spots of his native Barcelona.[6] He exhibited in art galleries, and garnered hits and good reviews. The work of this time is collected in a monograph of the author and in several general books of contemporary art.[7][8][9] At the end of the 1990s he decided to specialize in the historical-military theme and began to produce canvases where the landscape is mixed with military elements such as soldiers and cavalry.[10]

Carga del río Igan por el Regimiento Alcántara (2013).

Installed in Madrid since 2010, he has collaborated with different publishers, associations,[11] institutions,[12][13] and specialized entities in the recreation of the military history of Spain.[14] Different monographic books on his painting have been published. A man committed to culture and art, he founded his own magazine, FD (Ferrer-Dalmau) Magazine,[15] in which he approaches the history of Spain and its people from an artistic and social perspective. His work and diffusion is managed by the company Historical Outline,[16] and his paintings illustrate numerous books, covers,[17] and magazines, especially of history.

Ferrer-Dalmau has been in the zone of operations of an international conflict like Afghanistan and Lebanon, making sketches, taking notes and painting, while living with the Spanish ISAF troops in 2012 and in 2014 in the province of Helmand with the Georgian Armed Forces.[18] The painter shared experiences with the ASPFOR XXXI contingent, trained at the base of the Parachute Brigade, at Qala i Naw and at the Ricketts Combat Outpost (COP) in Moqur. It is the first time that a Spanish painter goes to a mission abroad to collaborate with the Ministry of Defense of Spain. However, it is not an exceptional practice because other armies have war artists, such as the US Marine Corps, which currently has three official artists, one of them Michael D. Fay, president of The International Society of War Artists,[19] of which Ferrer-Dalmau is a member. The painter made his work The patrol (La Patrulla)'[20] as homage to the Spanish soldiers.[21][22] In May 2016 he was painting the Spanish troops in the mission of Lebanon.[23]

Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau left Catalonia in 2010 due to nationalist pressures. The painter has sometimes expressed his rejection of Catalan nationalism, stating:

«Em sento molt català i molt espanyol, (…) Molts catalans estem fastiguejats del nationalism»
("I feel very Catalan and very Spanish ... Many Catalans are tired of nationalism.")[24]

Ferrer-Dalmau taking notes in Afghanistan.[25][26][27][28]

Art exhibitionsEdit

In addition to private collections, his work can be seen in different museums, such as the Museum of the Royal Guard (Royal Palace of El Pardo, Madrid), the Army Museum, the Museum of the General Military Academy (Zaragoza)[29], the Naval Museum of Madrid, the Museum of Intendance (Avila), the Naval Military Academy of Marín (Pontevedra), and the Museum of Modern Art of the Republic of Georgia, can also be seen in the Royal Palace of Valladolid.

Throughout his professional career he has held individual exhibitions in private galleries in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris and New York[30] and institutional centers such as:

Sketches made by the artist in Afghanistan in August 2012.

Honours and awardsEdit

Reception of the H.M. the King of Spain to Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau for his artistic career. Royal Palace of Madrid, 2015.


National honoursEdit

Foreign honoursEdit


National awardsEdit

Foreign awardsEdit

  • Member of «The International Society of War Artists».[105]
  • Gold Medal and brilliants of the Arts «Art Priest».[106]



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