August 1916 Icelandic parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Iceland on 5 August 1916,[1] the first elections held after women's suffrage was introduced.[2] Following reforms to the Althing the previous year, the six seats in the Upper House appointed by the monarch were abolished, and replaced with six elected seats.[2] The seats were elected by proportional representation at the national level, using the D'Hondt method.[2] The remaining eight seats were elected along with the Lower House in October.

August 1916 Icelandic parliamentary election
Kingdom of Iceland
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6 of the 14 seats in the Upper House of Althing
Turnout5,873 (24.28%)
Party Leader % Seats
Home Rule Jón Magnússon 33.45 3
Independence – Þversum Einar Arnórsson 22.94 2
Ind. Farmers Sigurður Jónsson 22.13 1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Minister for Iceland before Prime Minister after August and October elections
Einar Arnórsson Einar Arnórsson
Independence - Þversum
Jón Magnússon
Home Rule
Jón Magnússon


Home Rule Party1,95033.453
Independence Party – Þversum1,33722.942
Independent Farmers1,29022.131
Farmers' Party4357.460
Independence Party – Langsum4197.190
Social Democratic Party3986.830
Valid votes5,82999.25
Invalid/blank votes440.75
Total votes5,873100.00
Registered voters/turnout24,18924.28
Source: Mackie & Rose,[3] Nohlen & Stöver


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