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Not to be confused with Attalea in Pamphylia

Attalea or Attaleia (Ancient Greek: Ἀττάλεια) was a Roman city of ancient Lydia, former diocese and is presently a Latin Catholic titular bishopric.

Its modern location is Yanantepe in Asian Turkey.



Attalea was originally named Agroeira or Alloeira.[1] Attalea was important enough in the Roman province of Lydia to become a suffragan diocese of its capital Sardes's Metropolitan Archbishopric, and to mint coins.[2] Yet it was to fade.

Titular seeEdit

The diocese was nominally (re?)restored in 1933.

It is vacant, having had a single incumbent of the lowest (episcopal) rank :

  • Carlo Maria Giuseppe de Fornari (1730.12.11 – ?), as emeritate; formerly Bishop of Aléria (1713.01.30 – 1715.02.20), Bishop of Albenga (Italy) (1715.02.20 – 1730.12.11)

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