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Athletics at the 1900 Summer Olympics – Men's 110 metres hurdles

The men's 110 metres hurdles was the first of the track and field events on the athletics programme at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. It was held on July 14, 1900. Nine athletes from three nations competed in the shortest of the hurdling events.[1]

Men's 110 metres hurdles
at the Games of the II Olympiad
VenueBois de Boulogne
DateJuly 14
Competitors9 from 3 nations
1st, gold medalist(s) Alvin Kraenzlein
 United States
2nd, silver medalist(s) John McLean
 United States
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Frederick Moloney
 United States
← 1896
1904 →


These were the standing world and Olympic records (in seconds) prior to the 1900 Summer Olympics.

World Record 15.2(*)   Alvin Kraenzlein Chicago (USA) June 18, 1898
Olympic Record 17.6   Thomas Curtis Athens (GRE) April 10, 1896 (NS)

(*) unofficial 120 yards (= 109.73 m)

At first Alvin Kraenzlein set a new unofficial world record in the first heat of the first round with 15.6 seconds. In the final he improved this to 15.4 seconds.


First roundEdit

In the first round, there were three heats. The top runners in each advanced to the finals, with the other runners competing in repechage heats.

First round, heat 1

Place Athlete Time
1   Alvin Kraenzlein (USA) 15.6 s
2   Frederick Moloney (USA) (16.0)
3   John McLean (USA) (16.3)
  Eugène Choisel (FRA) DNF

Kraenzlein set a new world record and won by three yards, though he was slower than his previous mark of 15.2 seconds in the slightly shorter 120 yard hurdles.

First round, heat 2

Place Athlete Time
1   Norman Pritchard (IND) 16.6 s
2   William Remington (USA) (16.8)
3   William Lewis (USA) Unknown
  Adolphe Klingelhoefer (FRA) DNF

Klingelhoefer pulled up lame, leaving Pritchard to win by a yard and a half.

First round, heat 3

Place Athlete Time
1   Jean Lécuyer (FRA) walkover

There was no competition in this heat, with the only hurdler advancing automatically.


The two repechage heats consisted of all the hurdlers that had not qualified in the first round, except for the injured Adolphe Klingelhoefer, who withdrew. The winner of each heat joined the three top finishers of the first round in the final.

Repechage heat 1

Place Athlete Time
1   Frederick Moloney (USA) 17.0 s
2   William Lewis (USA) (17.8)
3   Eugène Choisel (FRA) Unknown

Repechage heat 2

Place Athlete Time
1   John McLean (USA) 17.0 s
2   William Remington (USA) Unknown

McLean won the second repechage heat easily to become the third person from the first preliminary heat to qualify for the final.


Place Athlete Time
1   Alvin Kraenzlein (USA) 15.4 s WR
2   John McLean (USA) (15.5)
3   Frederick Moloney (USA) (15.6)
4   Jean Lécuyer (FRA) Unknown
  Norman Pritchard (IND) DNF

McLean had a lead early, due in part to the error of the starter; even so, Kraenzlein was able to catch and pass him to win the first athletics competition of the 1900 Games, and Moloney, a better hurdler than McLean, nearly caught him as well. All three of the American hurdlers had come from the first preliminary heat. Pritchard, the winner of the second heat, pulled up lame.


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