Assa Abloy AB is a Swedish conglomerate whose offerings include products and services related to locks, doors, gates, and entrance automation. Related products and services include controlling access and confirming identities with keys, cards, tags, mobile, and bio-metric identity verification systems.[3]

Assa Abloy AB
TypePublic (Aktiebolag)
Nasdaq StockholmASSA B
IndustryManufacturing and services
Founded1994; 29 years ago (1994)[1]
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
Key people
Lars Renström (Chairman), Nico Delvaux (President and CEO)
ProductsLocks, automatic and security doors
RevenueIncrease 95.01 billion kr (2021)[2]
Increase 14.18 billion kr (2021)[2]
Increase 10.90 billion kr (2021)[2]
Total assetsIncrease 129.98 billion kr (2021)[2]
Total equityIncrease 69.58 billion kr (2021)[2]
Number of employees
50,934 (2021)[2]

The company was formed in 1994, when Assa AB was separated from Swedish security firm Securitas AB. Shortly thereafter, Assa AB merged with the Finnish high security lock manufacturer Abloy Oy (based in Joensuu, a subsidiary of the Finnish company Wärtsilä). The company was introduced to the Stockholm Stock Exchange later the same year. Assa Abloy has since made over 200 acquisitions including Yale lock, Chubb Locks, Medeco in the United States, Mul-T-Lock in Israel and Fichet-Bauche in France.[4] Its two largest shareholders are Latour and Melker Schörling AB.[5]

Name Edit

Assa Abloy was founded at the merger of the two companies Assa and Abloy in 1994. Assa stands for August Stenman Stenman August.[6][7] The name Abloy comes from a contraction of the Swedish Finnish bilingual name Ab Låsfabriken Lukkotehdas Oy, meaning literally Corp. Lock Factory Lock Factory Corp. (first Corp. and Låsfabriken from Swedish, last Lukkotehdas and Corp. from Finnish). In 1919[when?] the company was renamed Aktiebolag Lukko Osakeyhtio.

History Edit

Founding, growth and development Edit

Assa Abloy was formed in 1994, through the merger of Swedish firm ASSA and Finnish high security lock manufacturer Abloy.[8] The company was introduced to the Stockholm Stock Exchange later the same year.[9]

From a regional company with 4,700 employees in 1994, Assa Abloy has become a global group with 51,000 employees in 2021.[10] The company has grown its revenue by more than 9% annually and operates now in over 70 countries.[10]

Revenue in 2021 was SEK 95,007 M.[11] Sales revenue in 2022 was 120,793 M. The increase of 27% was half due to exchange rate effects.[12]

Brands Edit

  • ASSA, Sweden (name giver) (August Stenman Stenman August)
  • Abloy, Joensuu & Helsinki, Finland (name giver) (AktieBolag Lukko OsakeYhtiö)
  • Arrow, United States
  • August Home, United States
  • Besam, Sweden (Bertil Samuelsson)
  • Baron, Canada[13]
  • Corbin Russwin, United States
  • Carlisle Brass, United Kingdom
  • Emtek Products, Inc, United States
  • FAB, Czech Republic
  • Guoqiang, China
  • HID (Hughes Identification Devices), United States
  • HKC Security, Ireland
  • Ikon, Germany
  • JPM, France (Jean Pierre Maquennehen)
  • Keso, Switzerland (Keller & Sohn)
  • Litto, Belgium (Littoral)
  • Lockwood, Australia
  • Lorient, United Kingdom
  • MAUER, Bulgaria
  • Medeco, United States (Mechanical Development Company)
  • Mul-T-Lock, Israel
  • Phillips, Mexico
  • PTI Security Systems, United States (Preffered Technology Incorporated)
  • Rixson, United States
  • Ruko, Denmark (Rudolf Koreska)
  • Tesa, Spain (Talleres Eskoriaza Sociedad Annonima)
  • Traka, United Kingdom
  • St Guchi, Malaysia
  • Sure-Loc Hardware, United States
  • Union, United Kingdom
  • Vachette, France
  • VingCard Elsafe, Norway
  • Yale, United States, United Kingdom, India

Acquisitions Edit

In May 1999, the acquisition of Effeff Fritz Fuss[14] in Germany enabled Assa Abloy to enter the electromechanical lock market. Assa Abloy also acquires Mul-T-Lock in Israel, a manufacturer of high security locks.[15] Assa Abloy doubles in size in 2000, when it acquires the global lock group Yale Intruder Security.[16] In the same year, Assa Abloy acquires HID, adding electronic identification to its product portfolio.[17]

In April 2002, Assa Abloy Group acquired Besam, a Swedish company specialized in automatic pedestrian doors.[18] Another important acquisition for the group was Fargo Electronics, a company which develops systems for safe issuing of credit, bank, debit and ID cards.[19] This was followed by other acquisitions such as Baodean in China and Irevo in South Korea in 2007.[15]

In 2009, the Italian door automation manufacturer, Ditec,[20] was bought. Important acquisitions were also made in September 2011, with the purchase of Crawford and Flexiforce.[21] A number of purchases followed in 2012. In April 2012 Traka, a company specialising in key and asset management was acquired.[22] The group also acquired Albany Door Systems, a manufacturer of high speed industrial doors.[23] November 2013 came with the purchase of the Polish fire and security door manufacturer Mercor SA,[24] Ameristar USA,[25] and Amarr.[26]

In December 2018, Assa Abloy acquired Lorient, a UK based designer and manufacturer of high performance door sealing systems.[27]

In December 2018, Assa Abloy acquired Luxer One, a package locker business in the US.[28]

In February 2020, Assa Abloy acquired the UK-based, 140-strong biometric access and workforce management technology business, Biosite.[29]

In May 2021, Assa Abloy acquired Sure-Loc, the leading supplier of residential locks and associated hardware in the US.[30]

In September 2021, Assa Abloy acquired the Hardware and Home Improvement ("HHI") division of Spectrum Brands for $4.3 billion. HHI has a varied portfolio of products, including patented SmartKey technology and electronic, smart and biometric locks. Key brands include Kwikset, Baldwin, Weiser, Pfister and National Hardware. HHI is headquartered in Lake Forest, California with some 7,500 employees worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, China, and the Philippines.[31][32]

In December 2022, Assa Abloy acquired the New York-headquartered provider of rugged handheld mobile computers and readers, Janam Technologies.[33]

Cooperation with colleges and universities Edit

The company is a Corporate Partner in the Stockholm School of Economics partner program for companies that contribute financially to the college and works closely with regard to research and education.[34] In October 2015, Assa Abloy joined as partner to KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Things, a start up hub for companies in the Internet-of-things sector.[35]

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