Ascope Province

Ascope is a province in the La Libertad Region, Peru. It is bordered by the Trujillo Province on the south; the Pacasmayo Province on the north; the Cajamarcan province of Contumazá and the Otuzco and Gran Chimú provinces on the east; and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Its capital is Ascope.

Flag of Ascope
Coat of arms of Ascope
Location of Ascope in La Libertad Region
Location of Ascope in La Libertad Region
RegionLa Libertad
FoundedJune 1, 1984
 • MayorMario Salomon Velarde Carrion
 • Total2,655.75 km2 (1,025.39 sq mi)
 • Total116.684
 • Density0.044/km2 (0.11/sq mi)

Political divisionEdit

The province is divided into eight districts (Spanish: distritos, singular: distrito), each of which is headed by a mayor (alcalde):

Nº. District Population
Cens. 2007
Capital Mayor
Ascope --- Ascope ---
Casa Grande --- Casa Grande ---
Chicama --- Chicama
Chocope --- Chocope ---
Magdalena de Cao --- Magdalena de Cao ---
Santiago de Cao --- Santiago de Cao ---
Paiján --- Paiján ---
Rázuri --- Puerto Chicama ---

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Coordinates: 7°42′47″S 79°06′56″W / 7.71306°S 79.11556°W / -7.71306; -79.11556