Art Directors Guild Awards 2015

20th ADG Awards

January 31, 2016

Period Film:
The Revenant

Fantasy Film:
Mad Max: Fury Road

Contemporary Film:
The Martian

The 20th Art Directors Guild Awards, were given on January 31, 2016, honoring the best production designers of 2015.

Winners and nomineesEdit


Period Film:

Fantasy Film:

Contemporary Film:


One-Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Television Series

One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Television Series

Episode of a Half Hour Single-Camera Television Series

  • Denise Pizzini – The Muppets (for "The Ex-Factor", "Pig’s in a Blackout")
    • Claire Bennett – Transparent (for "The Book of Life", "Kina Hora", "Oscillate")
    • James Gloster – Veep (for "Election Night", "Joint Session")
    • Bruce Robert Hill – The Last Man on Earth (for "Alive in Tucson", "Is There Anybody Out There?", "Silent Night")
    • Richard Toyon – Silicon Valley (for "Adult Content", "Homicide", "Sand Hill Shuffle")

Multi-Camera Series

  • John Shaffner – The Big Bang Theory (for "The Mystery Date Observation", "The Platonic Permutation", "The Skywalker Incursion")
    • Greg Grande – Clipped (for "Dreamers", "Wi-Fi", "World's Rudest Barbershop")
    • Stephan Olson – Truth Be Told (for "Big Black Coffee", "Member's Only", "Pilot")
    • Glenda Rovello – 2 Broke Girls (for "And the Coming Out Party", "And the Escape Room", "And the Maybe Baby")
    • John Shaffner – Mom (for "Fun Girl Stuff and Eternal Salvation", "Mashed Potatoes and a Little Nitrous", "Six Popes and Red Ferrari")

Miniseries or Television Movie:

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