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Arméns Jägarbataljon (English: Army Ranger Battalion), also known by its old name K 4 is a detachment of Norrbotten Regiment (I 19) based in Arvidsjaur, in the Norrbotten County of Sweden.[1]

Arméns Jägarbataljon (AJB)
Norrlands dragonregemente vapen.svg
Country Sweden
BranchCoat of Arms of the Swedish Army Swedish Army
TypeRanger/light infantry
RoleDirect action
Mountain warfare
Unconventional Warfare
Part ofNorrbotten Regiment (I 19)
Garrison/HQArvidsjaur, Norrbotten County
EngagementsBosnian War
War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
Northern Mali conflict



The Army Ranger Battalion is an elite light infantry unit trained to carry out reconnaissance missions and direct action behind enemy lines. The battalion is the army's primary resource for combat operations behind enemy lines. They employ ambushes and control indirect fire or close air support, as well as survey and document enemy activity to create a basis for higher command's decision making.

The battalion is often used to target soft targets such as logistics and other support functions vital for an opponent's ability to sustain its operations. Given the light nature of the unit it lacks heavier vehicles and sustained logistics for support, and largely relies on its personnel to move themselves and their equipment as well as supplies over long distances by foot. Given the geographical location of the unit, they are also highly qualified and trained to operate in arctic and/or subartic environments.

Anyone qualified for military service can apply for selection at the Army Ranger Battalion. After the general 12 week long basic training (GMU), several tests, both physical and psychological are conducted over a period of days. If the candidate is successful, he/she will begin the roughly 48 week long basic ranger course. Upon completion of the course with satisfying results the candidate will be awarded with the green beret and Ranger tab before being posted to one of the battalion's two Ranger squadrons or the command & support squadron.

Since 2007 the battalion also has a mountain leader platoon which specialises in operations in and around mountainous and alpine terrain. This platoon has been of much use in Afghanistan since a lot of weapons, drugs and the like are smuggled high up in the mountains there. The mountain leader platoon has also been involved in search and rescue operations domestically, such as the 2012 Norwegian C-130 crash.

The Army Ranger battalion have deployed to Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Mali.


  • 2005–2007 – Lieutenant Colonel Peter Fredriksson
  • 2007–2009 – Lieutenant Colonel Mikael Nordmark
  • 2009–2013 – Lieutenant Colonel Urban Edlund
  • 2013–2016 – Lieutenant Colonel Teddy Larsson
  • 2016–present: Lieutenant Colonel Mathias Holmqvist


Jägare (Ranger) tab is received after completing basic ranger course.

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