Argentine Open

The Argentine Open or Abierto de la República or Abierto de Argentina is one of the oldest national golf open championships. First played in 1905, when it was called the Open Championship of the River Plate, it has featured numerous notable winners including eleven major champions Henry Picard (1937), Paul Runyan (1938), Jimmy Demaret (1941), Lloyd Mangrum (1946), Roberto De Vicenzo (1944, 1949, 1951, 1952,1958, 1965, 1967, 1970, 1974) Tom Weiskopf (1979), Craig Stadler (1992), Mark Calcavecchia (1993, 1995), Mark O'Meara (1994), Jim Furyk (1997) and Ángel Cabrera (2001, 2002, 2012).

Argentine Open
Tournament information
LocationArgentina Argentina
Course(s)Pilará Golf Club
Tour(s)PGA Tour Latinoamérica (since 2012)
Tour de las Américas (2000–2012)
Challenge Tour (2005–2008)
European Tour (2001)
South American Tour (pre-2000)
FormatStroke play
Prize fund$175,000
Month playedNovember
Tournament record score
Aggregate264 Miguel Fernández (1988)
Current champion
Colombia Ricardo Celia

The championship is part of PGA Tour Latinoamérica, also featuring on the European Tour on one occasion, in 2001. In the subsequent years, the Argentine financial crisis later in 2001 resulted in substantially reduced prize money. From 2005 to 2008 the tournament was a fixture on the European Challenge Tour. In 2008 it was rescheduled to April, which meant that the Argentine Open appeared twice during the 2008 Challenge Tour season.

The record for most victories is held by 1967 British Open champion Roberto DeVicenzo, who won the title on nine occasions between 1944 and 1974. The next most successful players are Vicente Fernández, with eight victories over a 32 years span between 1968 and 2000 and José Jurado, who won seven times between the 1920 and 1931.

The first championship, held in 1905, was won by Mungo Park Jr. (son of Willie Park Sr. and brother of Willie Park Jr.).

The low amateur is presented with the Pereyra Iraola Cup.

Starting in 2016, the event gave the winner an exemption into The Open Championship.


Year Winner Score Runner(s)-up Venue Low amateur[1]
2019   Ricardo Celia 269   Brandon Matthews Jockey Club   Aram Yenidjeian
2018   Isidro Benítez 270   Russell Budd
  Harry Higgs
Pilara Golf Club   Mateo Fernández de Oliveira
2017   Brady Schnell* 272   Matt Ryan
  Andreas Halvorsen
Jockey Club   Andres Gallegos
2016   Kent Bulle* 275   James Beck III
  Nate Lashley
Olivos GC   Joaquín Niemann
2015   Kent Bulle 269   Juan Álvarez (a) Jockey Club   Juan Álvarez
2014   Emiliano Grillo 266   Brad Hopfinger Martindale CC   Alejandro Tosti
2013   Marcelo Rozo 278   Jeff Gove Nordelta Golf Club None
2012   Ángel Cabrera 270   Miguel Ángel Carballo
  Óscar Fraustro
Nordelta Golf Club   Alejandro Tosti
2011   Maximiliano Godoy 278   Guillermo Pumarol Pilar Golf Club   Jorge Fernández-Valdés
2010   Jhonattan Vegas 270   Andrés Romero Jockey Club Thomas Baik
2009   César Costilla 282   Paulo Pinto
  Julio Zapata
Nordelta GC   Emiliano Grillo
2008   Antti Ahokas 270   Martin Monguzzi Hurlingham GC   Jorge Fernández-Valdés
2007   Marco Ruiz 275   Daniel Vancsik Buenos Aires GC   Emiliano Grillo
2006   Rafael Echenique 277   Ángel Cabrera
  Ricardo González
Pilar GC   Alan Wagner
2005   Kevin Stadler 274   Ángel Cabrera Jockey Club Tomas Argonz
2004   José Cóceres* 278   Eduardo Romero Buenos Aires GC   Alfredo García-Heredia
2003   Rodolfo González* 281   Clodomiro Carranza Olivos GC   Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño
2002   Ángel Cabrera 269   José Cóceres Hurlingham GC Jose Luis Campra
2001   Ángel Cabrera 268   Carl Pettersson Jockey Club Matias Anselmo
2000   Vicente Fernández* 277   Eduardo Romero Jockey Club Jaime Nougues
1999   Scott Dunlap 272   Ian Woosnam
  José Cóceres
Martindale GC   Matías O'Curry
1998   Raúl Fretes 271   Sergio García (a)
  Ángel Cabrera
  Gustavo Mendoza
Jockey Club   Sergio García
1997   Jim Furyk 275   Chris DiMarco
  Mathias Grönberg
  Tim Hegna
Jockey Club None
1996   Pedro Martínez 272   Tim Herron Olivos GC Lee Jae In
1995   Mark Calcavecchia* 279   Andrew Magee Jockey Club Martin Lonardi
1994   Mark O'Meara 278   John Cook
  César Monasterio
Buenos Aires GC Manuel Maglione
1993   Mark Calcavecchia 270   Miguel Guzmán Jockey Club Gustavo Piovano
1992   Craig Stadler* 276   Eduardo Romero Olivos GC Francisco Aleman
1991   Jay Don Blake 273   Craig Stadler GC Argentino   Marco Ruiz
1990   Vicente Fernández 268   Eduardo Romero Mar del Plata GC Martin Travella
1989   Eduardo Romero 275   Luis Carbonetti GC Argentino   Roy Mackenzie
1988   Miguel Fernández 264   Vicente Fernández Hurlingham GC   Carlos Larrain
1987   Miguel Fernández 277   Eduardo Romero
  Miguel Martin
Córdoba GC Fernando Chiesa
1986   Vicente Fernández 278   Miguel Fernández San Isidro GC Fernando Chiesa
1985   Vicente Fernández 283   Adan Sowa
  Antonio Ortiz
  Rafael Alarcon
Ranelagh GC Federico McNeil
1984   Vicente Fernández 279   Antonio Ortiz Olivos GC   Juan Velazco
1983   Adan Sowa 283   Antonio Ortiz San Andrés GC   Luis Carbonetti
1982   Jorge Soto 283   Vicente Fernández Olivos GC Martin Travella
1981   Vicente Fernández 274   Jack Ferenz Jockey Club Jose Brañas
1980   Gary Hallberg 280   Vicente Fernández Jockey Club   Alvaro Canessa
1979   Tom Weiskopf 289   Alberto Rivadeneira Olivos GC Jorge Eiras
1978   Adan Sowa 283   Sam Torrance Jockey Club Oscar Vetere
1977   Florentino Molina 278   Vicente Fernández Olivos GC Alberto Barreira
1976   Florentino Molina 274   Vicente Fernández Jockey Club   Jorge Ledesma
1975   Florentino Molina 281   Roberto DeVicenzo Lomas Atletic Club   Luis Carbonetti
1974   Roberto DeVicenzo 273   Vicente Fernández Mar del Plata GC   Edmundo Grasty
1973   Florentino Molina 272   Fidel de Luca
Leopoldo Ruiz
Hurlingham GC Roberto Monguzzi
1972   Fidel de Luca 283   Juan Quinteros
  Jorge Soto
Córdoba GC Roberto Monguzzi
1971   Florentino Molina 275   Vicente Fernández Hindú Club Alberto Barreira
1970   Roberto DeVicenzo 285   Fidel de Luca Río Cuarto GC   Horacio Carbonetti
1969   Vicente Fernández 271   Fidel de Luca
Orlando Tudino
Ranelagh GC   Diego Correa
1968   Vicente Fernández 279   Fidel de Luca GC Argentino Guillermo Ehrman
1967   Roberto DeVicenzo 282   Alberto Rivadeneira San Andres GC   Jorge Ledesma
1966 Juan Carlos Castillo 277 Sebastian Nicolosi Jockey Club Roberto Monguzzi
1965   Roberto DeVicenzo 277 Orlando Tudino Hurlingham GC Oscar Cella
1964 Elcido Nari 283   Juan Martínez San Isidro GC   Jorge Ledesma
1963   Jorge Ledesma (a) 282   Roberto DeVicenzo GC General San Martín   Jorge Ledesma
1962   Ángel Miguel 285   Florentino Molina Ituzaingó GC   Jorge Ledesma
1961   Fidel de Luca 287 Esteban Sorolla Lomas Atletic Club   Jorge Ledesma
1960   Fidel de Luca 274   Leopoldo Ruiz Mar del Plata GC   Jorge Ledesma
1959   Leopoldo Ruiz 289 Eduardo Blasi Hindú Club Oscar Cella
1958   Roberto DeVicenzo 278 Orlando Tudino Rosario GC Juan Sugasti
1957   Leopoldo Ruiz 284 Juan Anzaldo
  Juan Martínez
Ranelagh GC   Jorge Ledesma
1956   Antonio Cerdá 281   Fidel de Luca Córdoba GC Angel Monguzzi
1955   Enrique Bertolino 273   Roberto DeVicenzo Campos Argentinos   Jorge Ledesma
1954   Fidel de Luca* 281 Arturo Soto Campos Argentinos Carlos Brachts
1953   Mário Gonzalez 280   Roberto DeVicenzo Campos Argentinos Juan Segura
1952   Roberto DeVicenzo 287 Juan Anzaldo San Andrés GC Juan Segura
1951   Roberto DeVicenzo 278   Antonio Cerdá San Isidro GC Juan Segura
1950   Martín Pose* 283   Enrique Bertolino Hurlingham GC Juan Segura
1949   Roberto DeVicenzo 270 Juan Anzaldo Olivos GC Alberto Texier
1948   Antonio Cerdá 286 Juan Anzaldo Hindú Club Alberto Texier
1947   Enrique Bertolino 279   Roberto DeVicenzo GC Argentino Carlos Brachts
1946   Lloyd Mangrum* 271   Vic Ghezzi Jockey Club   Mário Gonzalez
1945 No tournament
1944   Roberto DeVicenzo 288 Arturo Soto Ituzaingo GC   Mário Gonzalez
1943   Marcos Churio 288 Emilio Serra
Leonardo Nicolosi
San Andrés GC Luis Herrera
1942 Manuel Martín 298 Pedro Ledesma (a) Olivos GC Pedro Ledesma
1941   Jimmy Demaret 279 Eduardo Blasi
  Enrique Bertolino
San Isidro GC Tulio Martinez
1940   Mário Gonzalez (a) 285 Emilio Serra
Leonardo Nicolosi
GC Argentino   Mário Gonzalez
1939   Martín Pose* 292 Emilio Serra Ranelagh GC Heriberto Buchanan
1938   Paul Runyan 282 Andres Perez
  Martin Pose
Ituzaingó GC Hector Villamil
1937   Henry Picard 288   Marcos Churio
Emilio Dunezat
San Andrés GC Harry Smith
1936 John Cruickshank 290   Juan Martínez Olivos GC Heriberto Buchanan
1935 John Cruickshank 295   Marcos Churio GC Argentino Emilio Anchorena
1934   Marcos Churio 285   Enrique Bertolino GC Argentino Heriberto Buchanan
1933   Martín Pose 292 Tomas Genta Ituzaingó GC Héctor Villamil
1932 Andrés A Pérez 297   Marcos Churio
Hector Frecero
Ranelagh GC Alfonso Moffatt
1931   José Jurado 289 John Cruickshank Jockey Club Alberto Anchorena
1930 Tomás Genta 288 John Cruickshank
  José Jurado
San Andrés GC M. Demaria Sala
1929   José Jurado 292   Marcos Churio Ituzaingó GC Wesley Smith
1928   José Jurado 293   Marcos Churio San Andrés GC T. Sanderson
1927   José Jurado 298 Andres Perez
Juan Eustace
Lomas Atletic Club John Cruickshank
1926   Marcos Churio 294 Lagrima Gonzalez GC Argentino John Cruickshank
1925   José Jurado 320 Lagrima Gonzalez Lomas Atletic Club Federico Elertondo
1924   José Jurado 291 Ramon Rivarola San Andrés GC John Cruickshank
1923 Andrés A Pérez 302   José Jurado San Andrés GC John Cruickshank
1922 Andrés A Pérez 300   José Jurado San Andrés GC Not held
1921 Andrés A Pérez 303   José Jurado GC Argentino Not held
1920   José Jurado 307 Andres Perez San Andrés GC H. Salmonson
1919 Raúl Castillo 307   José Jurado GC Argentino John May
1918 Juan Eustace 328 Raul Castillo San Andrés GC John May
1917 Lágrima González 305 Raul Castillo
Juan Eustace
Lomas Atletic Club Federico Elertondo
1916 Lágrima González 305 Raul Castillo GC Argentino Federico Elertondo
1915 Lágrima González 305 Alex Philp GC Argentino John May
1914 Raúl Castillo 318 Lagrima Gonzalez San Andrés GC C. Watts
1913 Alex Philp 328   Mungo Park Jr. San Andrés GC H. Hickey
1912   Mungo Park Jr. 308 Lagrima Gonzalez
Juan Eustace
San Andrés GC A. Kidd
1911 Rodolfo Castillo 301 Juan Eustace San Andrés GC H. Bucknall
1910 Alex Philp 306 Juan Eustace GC Argentino P. Aste
1909 Raúl Castillo 317 P. Aste (a)
E. Donet (a)
San Andrés GC P. Aste
E. Donet
1908   Frank Sutton (a) 307   Mungo Park Jr. Buenos Aires GC Frank Sutton
1907   Mungo Park Jr. 305   Jack Park Buenos Aires GC J.A. Brown
1906 John Avery Wright (a) 158   Mungo Park Jr.
  Frank Sutton (a)
Buenos Aires GC J. Avery Wright
1905   Mungo Park Jr. 167   Juan Dentone
H. Bucknall (a)
Buenos Aires GC H. Bucknall

* - denotes victory following a playoff
(a) denotes amateur


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