Arepera Socialista is a chain of fast food restaurants operated by the government of Venezuela, featuring arepas (a thick, moist cousin of tortillas, filled with meat, cheese, or other ingredients).[1]

The company was started in 2009 as a government response to the high cost of private restaurants in Caracas, Venezuela.[2] It sells arepas at 25% of the cost of private businesses, a discount the government says is made possible by the use of government-owned suppliers.[3] In 2010, six employees were arrested for stealing cash from the company.[citation needed]

In one of the secret diplomatic cables released as part of the United States diplomatic cables leak in 2010, a United States embassy staff member described the enterprise as one of "Socialism's Tangible -- and Tasty -- Benefits".[3]

As 2016 all stores close due to lack of raw material.[citation needed]

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