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Arcadia Publishing is an American publisher of neighborhood, local, and regional history of the United States in pictorial form.[1][2][3]

Arcadia Publishing
Industry Books, Publishing
Founded 1993
Headquarters Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Products Books
Number of employees



It was founded in Dover, New Hampshire, in 1993 by United Kingdom-based Tempus Publishing, but became independent in 2004. The corporate office is in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Its formula for regional publishing is to use local writers or historians to write about their community using 180 to 240 black-and-white photographs with captions and introductory paragraphs in a 128 page book.[4] The Images of America series is the company's largest product line.

Other series include Images of Rail, Images of Sports, Images of Baseball, Black America, Postcard History, Campus History, Corporate History, Legendary Locals, Images of Modern America, and Then & Now.

It has a catalog of more than 8,500 titles in print and hundreds of new titles released every year.[5]

In 2010, Arcadia became the first major publisher to print all of their books on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) paper. In addition to the FSC certification, all of the publishers books are printed and manufactured in South Carolina on American-made paper.[6]

The History PressEdit

The History Press is a subsidiary publishing house, owned by Arcadia. Its books mainly deal with "narratives of local heroes, tragic losses, collections of homegrown recipes, historic mysteries, and everything in between"[7] One of their popular series is the Haunted America line of books, which are written by local authors about ghost stories specific to cities across the US.[8]


The books are printed in the United States. It handles its own sales and distribution with the following each accounting for one-third of the company's sales:

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