Arabic Oud House

The Arabic Oud House is an oud school in Cairo, Egypt.


The Arabic Oud House was created in 1999 in Cairo by the Iraqi oud player Naseer Shamma[1] It is the first school completely dedicated to teaching oud as a solo instrument, which is a relatively recent development of the instrument.[2] Initially based at Cairo Opera House, it has since moved to an old building of the old city of Cairo.[2] It has gained an excellent reputation as an oud school.[3] Oud players like the Turk Yurdal Tokcan or the Moroccan Saïd Chraibi gave masterclasses there[3] and several oud players of the new generation graduated from there, like Tarek Abdallah, Ghassan Youssef, Hazem El Shahin or Nehad El Sayyed. The Arabic Oud House opened branches in Abu Dhabi, Alexandria and Constantine.[4][5]

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The novel Le Traître, by Pierre Cormon, is partly set in the Arabic Oud House, where it is called Arabic Lute Institute.[6]

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