Tribune de Genève

The Tribune de Genève (English: Geneva Tribune) is a Swiss French-language, regional daily newspaper, published in Berliner format by Edipresse in Geneva.

Tribune de Genève
(Geneva Tribune)
Une tg 1879.jpg
First edition of Tribune de Genève, 1879
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)James T. Bates
EditorPierre Ruetschi
Founded1 February 1879 (1879-02-01)
Headquarters11, rue des Rois
CH-1204 Geneva, Switzerland
Circulation56,333 (2009)
Sister newspapers24 heures (English: 24 Hours)
OCLC number31882232 Edit this at Wikidata (in French)

History and operationsEdit

Tribune de Genève Airship

The Tribune de Genève was first published by James T. Bates on 1 February 1879.[1] The paper is headquartered in Geneva.[1]

The circulation of the Tribune de Genève was 67,151 copies in 2006.[2] The newspaper had a circulation of 67,151 copies and a readership of 175,000 as of 2007.[3] In 2009 the circulation of the paper was 56,333 copies.[4]

It shares some of its content with 24 heures (English: 24 Hours), Edipresse's regional newspaper for the Canton of Vaud.

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