Apolemichthys trimaculatus

Apolemichthys trimaculatus, also known as the threespot angelfish, is a demersal marine fish belonging to the family Pomacanthidae or commonly called angelfishes.

Threespot angelfish
Apolemichthys trimaculatus.JPG
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Pomacanthidae
Genus: Apolemichthys
A. trimaculatus
Binomial name
Apolemichthys trimaculatus
Cuvier, 1831[1]

Holacanthus trimaculatusCuvier, 1831


Apolemichthys trimaculatus is a small sized fish which grows up to 26 cm. Its body has a stock appearance, oval shape, strongly compressed laterally with a strong preopercle spine.[2] The body coloration is bright yellow with three dark spots: one on the forehead, and one on each side close to the opercles at the eye level. There is a greyish blotch between the eyes. The lips are blue and the preopercle spine is light bluish grey. All the fins are yellow except the anal fin which is whitish with a large black margin. Juveniles have a false eye-spot at the base of the soft dorsal fin and a thin black line over the head, running through the eye.[3]


The threespot angelfish is widely distributed throughout the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean.[4]


This species inhabits lagoon, coral reef, along steep slopes from surface until 80 m depth. Juveniles occur below 25 m.[5]


Their diet consists mainly in sponges and tunicates.[6]


Threespot angelfish has a diurnal activity. It is protogynous hermaphrodite, which means the female can evolved to male during its life, and lives in harem composed of two to seven females for a male and it's a territorial fish.[7]


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