Andrianavoay (meaning "noble crocodile" in Malagasy) is an extinct genus of teleosauroid from the Bathonian (in the Middle Jurassic) Kandreho Formation of Madagascar.[1]

Temporal range: Bathonian
~168–166 Ma
Photos of individual skull bones
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Clade: Pseudosuchia
Superorder: Crocodylomorpha
Suborder: Thalattosuchia
Family: Machimosauridae
Subfamily: Machimosaurinae
Genus: Andrianavoay
Johnson et al., 2020
A. baroni
Binomial name
Andrianavoay baroni
(Newton, 1893)

The type species, A. baroni, was originally named "Steneosaurus" baroni by ET Newton in 1893 on the basis of a partial skull listed as "NHMUK PV R 1999",[2] and an associated osteoderm from Andranosamonta, Madagascar.[2] In her unpublished 2019 thesis, Michela Johnson coined the nomen (ex dissertatione) Andrianavoay for S. baroni.[3] The genus name was published in 2020.[1]


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