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Andie Tong is a comic book artist, known for his work on books such as Tron: Betrayal, Spectacular Spider-Man UK, The Batman Strikes! and Tangent: Superman's Reign. He was born in Malaysia and grew up in Australia.[1]

Andie Tong
Andie Tong at the New York Comic Con, April 20, 2008.
Notable works
Zodiac Legacy
Tron: Betrayal

Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time
Spectacular Spider-Man UK
The Batman Strikes!
Tangent: Superman’s Reign
Masters of the Universe: Rise of the Snakemen



In 2000, Tong worked on a graphic novel, The Architect with Mike Baron, which was eventually published online through Big Head Press in 2006. Tong moved to London in 2005, where from 2005 until 2010, he was the regular artist for Spectacular Spiderman UK. During this period he also worked on covers and artwork for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masters of the Universe, Starship Troopers and The Batman Strikes.

In 2010, Tong completed the Tron: Betrayal graphic novel, a prequel comic to the movie,Tron: Legacy. In 2010, he undertook illustrating duties on Dynamite Entertainment 's comic adaptation of Robert Jordan 's Wheel of Time series. He also illustrated The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume Two, Volume Four, and Volume Six published by Tor Books.

In 2012 and 2013, Tong illustrated three books for HarperCollins starring Batman and the Justice League.[2]

In 2013 Tong provided the artwork for the graphic novel, The First Law: The Blade Itself, based on the series of novels by British author Joe Abercrombie.[1][3][4] In November of that year it was announced that Tong would be illustrating Disney's Zodiac Legacy, an illustrated novel created by Stan Lee and Stuart Moore, based on the Chinese zodiac. Book one named Convergence premiered in January 2015 and the second book, The Dragon’s Return was released in January 2016.[5][6]

In October 2016, Titan Comics announced a new Tekken comic book, a four-issue mini-series by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Tong, and published in mid-2017. The series takes place between Tekken 6 and 7, and deals with Jin struggling against the Devil within him.[7][8] In July 2018, DC Comics announced that Tong will be the illustrator on a new Green Lantern title written by Minh Lê, and will be published in 2019 through the new YA series imprint, DC Zoom.[9]

Personal lifeEdit

As of 2013, Tong lives in Singapore.[1]


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