ComicsAlliance was an American website dedicated to covering the comic book industry as well as comic-related media, and is owned by Townsquare Media.[1][2][3] The site has been nominated for multiple awards including a 2015 Eisner Award win in the category Best Comics Periodical/Journalism.

Type of site
Comic book
Available inEnglish
OwnerTownsquare Media
EditorAndrew Wheeler
Launched2007 (2007)
Current statusInactive though archived (since April 2017)


ComicsAlliance was established in 2007 as part of an online network of sites owned by AOL, and run by editors-in-chief John Anderson and Chris Dooley.[4] The site featured writing from critics including David Brothers, Andy Khouri, Caleb Goellner and Chris Sims. Laura Hudson became the editor-in-chief in 2009. In 2012 Hudson left the site, with former Vertigo Comics editor Joe Hughes later announced as the new editor-in-chief.[5]

On April 26, 2013, ComicsAlliance and the AOL Music properties were abruptly shut down.[6] On June 2, 2013, AOL sold ComicsAlliance and several of the AOL Music blogs to Townsquare Media,[7] with editors Joe Hughes, Andy Khouri, and Caleb Goellner remaining in position on the site.

In 2015 the site was the recipient of an Eisner Award in the category Best Comics Periodical/Journalism.[8]

As of April 2017, ComicsAlliance was placed hiatus by Townsquare Media and the most recent editorial staff was dissolved.[9][better source needed]

However, as of January 2021, Comics Alliance has had new content posted on its site and social media accounts as recently as July 29, 2021.

Regular featuresEdit

The longest-running column on the site is Ask Chris, written by Chris Sims, which has run on the site since 2010.[10] In 2011, Sims was featured on The Daily Show as part of a feature on the Batman comics series, credited as a 'Batmanologist'.[11] Additional features of note for the site have included Kate or Die, a regular comic from cartoonist Kate Leth; as well as Best Art Ever (This Week), a weekly feature showcasing new comics-related art. The podcasts War Rocket Ajax and The Arkham Sessions have both been serialised on the site.


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