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Amoghavarsha is a wildlife photographer and filmmaker from Bangalore, India.[1][2]

Amoghavarsha JS
Amoghavarsha profile image.jpg
Bangalore, India
Years active2005-present

Early lifeEdit

After completing his bachelor's degree in Computer Science, he joined Amazon as a Software Engineer. He later worked for the local search startup Asklaila as its first employee. He quit his job in 2008 to pursue his passion for wildlife photography. He then started his own media company, Mudskipper in the year 2016.


Amoghavarsha works with government forest departments, non-profit organisations and media institutions on conservation and education projects. He works closely with CEE and has helped set up interpretation centres. He is also one of the key contributors to the "Science Express - Biodiversity Special", a Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change initiative which toured India for over a year and has been witnessed by more than 2.5 million people.[3] He has contributed to Microsoft research on the cutting-edge digital narratives media project at Hampi. He also conducts photography workshops[4] and expeditions.

His work has been exhibited in various national and international events. His work has also been exhibited by UGallery and Williams-Sonoma

Filming projectsEdit

  • "Wild Karnataka" [5] - India's first blue-chip natural history movie, released on the World WIldlife Day (March 3, 2019), on the rich biodiversity of the Indian state of Karnataka narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
  • "I ndian wildlife national anthem" – A pan India wildlife national anthem music video[6][7] was launched as part of the album Shanti Samsara by Grammy winner Ricky Kej. A collaborative environmental consciousness music video between filmmakers from across the world for Shanti Samsara was also launched by Prime minister of India Narendra Modi and French president François Hollande at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris[8]
  • "Secrets of the King Cobra"[9] - Worked as assistant cameraman for the National Geographic film on the world's largest venomous snake.
  • "Jaya hai Kannada thaye" – India's first wildlife music video with music from Grammy winner Ricky Kej[10][11] which was launched on 6 regional channels and gained a million views in a week.
  • "Huli - How to Save the Tiger?"[12] (also known as "Huli: Technology to the Frontiers of Tiger Conservation")[13] - A short film (which has been nominated at India's top Wildlife film festival "CMS Vatavaran Environment and Wildlife Film Festival 2013") that sheds light on the forest staff that protects our forests.
  • "River Terns of Bhadra"[14] - A film on the lives of beautiful River tern that throng the bhadra backwaters in summers. This is one of India's first wildlife film to be licensed under creative commons. Nominated at India's top wildlife film festival CMS Vatavaran 2015.[15]
  • "Kali"[16][17][18][19] - An award-winning film on the Kali River (Karnataka) that flows through the beautiful western ghats of India. Following the journey of a 100-year-old grand mother as she journeys to the source of the river. Following a univocal response from policymakers after watching the movie, the Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve was renamed to Kali Tiger Reserve[20] The movie won the Impactdocs award of merit in 2016 [1]

Awards and RecognitionsEdit


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