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The School of Communication (SOC) at American University is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications. The school offers five undergraduate majors: communication studies, journalism, public relations and strategic communication, and foreign language and communication media (jointly administered with the College of Arts and Sciences) along with a minor in communication.[2] In addition, interdisciplinary degrees such as communications, law, economics and government (CLEG, which is housed in the School of Public Affairs), take classes within SOC. SOC offers four graduate programs in film and media arts, public communication, journalism and game design, and a post-graduate program in communication studies.[3] Undergraduates an any major at AU are given the opportunity to complete a combined bachelor's/master's within SOC.[4]

School of Communication
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McKinley Building today.jpg
The McKinley Building, where the School of Communication is based
Established1893 as Department of Communication. 1984 becomes School of Communication. Independent of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1993
Parent institution
American University
DeanLaura DeNardis
Academic staff
58 full-time[1]
Students1215 (Spring 2019)
Undergraduates872 (Spring 2019)
Postgraduates343 (Spring 2019)
Location, ,
United States
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This is an outside view of the newest addition to the McKinley Building

The School of Communication is headquartered in the McKinley Building, which was built in 1907 and named after President William McKinley. It was completely renovated in 2012 and reopened in 2014. McKinley houses specialized classrooms, multi-purpose learning spaces, computer labs supporting digital imaging, online content creation, motion graphics, multichannel audio, and full HD video editing.[5]


  • Journalism[6]
  • Film and media arts[7]
  • Public Communication[8]
  • Communication Studies[9]

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Cecilia Vega class of 1999.

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