Amantius of Como

Saint Amantius of Como (Italian: Sant'Amanzio di Como) (died April 8, 448 AD) is venerated as the third bishop of Como. He was preceded by Felix of Como and Saint Provinus. He was succeeded by Saint Abundius. His feast day is 8 April.

Amantius of Como
Died8 April 448
Feast8 April


A late legend, based on a naive reading of the toponym Cantium, says he was born in Canterbury,[1] and served as an imperial dignitary before becoming a bishop. The legend continues he was a relative of Theodosius II through his mother. He is credited with building the original Basilica of Sant'Abbondio outside of the city walls of Como. The basilica was built to house several relics associated with Saint Peter and Saint Paul, which Amantius had brought from Rome.[1]


His relics were preserved at Sant'Abbondio until July 2, 1590, when they were transferred to the Chiesa del Gesù in Como. The relics were later transferred to the church of San Fedele in Como, where they remain today.[1]


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