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Alysia Yeoh is a fictional character created by writer Gail Simone for the Batgirl ongoing series published by DC Comics. She is Barbara Gordon’s best friend, and a transgender woman. At the time of her debut appearance, she was noted for being the first major transgender character written in a contemporary context in a mainstream comic book.[1] The first ever transgender wedding premiered in Batgirl #45.[2]

Alysia Yeoh
Alysia Yeoh1.jpg
Image of Alysia Yeoh from Batgirl Annual Vol 4 #2 (June, 2014). Artist Robert Gill. Owned by DC Comics.
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBatgirl (vol. 4) #1 (November, 2011)
Created byGail Simone (writer), Ardian Syaf (artist)
In-story information
Full nameAlysia Yeoh
Supporting character ofBatgirl


Fictional character biographyEdit

Alysia was introduced in the first issue of Batgirl, when Barbara Gordon decides it is time to move out of her father's home. Barbara moves in with Alysia, thanks to a roommate posting advertised on "Greg's List." Alysia, who is of Singaporean descent, describes herself as somewhat of an activist. Alysia explains to Barbara that she paints during the day, and works as a bartender at night, although her ambition is to be a professional chef one day. Though only knowing Barbara for a very brief amount of time, she shows a very outgoing personality and is almost instantly warmly receptive of her new roommate. Alysia notices how secretive Barbara is at times, but she doesn't keep pressing on about it. She tells Barbara that it's okay, because she knows everyone has their secrets.

In Batgirl issue Vol 4 #8, she met Barbara's psychopathic brother, James Gordon Jr., and they began dating. He later gave her a pet cat named Alaska as a gift, one that Barbara later notices is very much like the cat named Alaska that her family used to have.

When Alysia returns home one day, she finds Barbara standing over unconscious members of the Joker's gang. Barbara apologizes, saying she hasn't been honest with Alysia, and she should go to the police and tell them there has been a break in; she also tells her that she will never see Barbara again. Instead of taking Barbara's advice, Alysia calls James Gordon Jr. He picks her up and takes her to the church where the Joker is trying to force Batgirl to marry him. Alysia witnesses the action from outside and appears to learn how insane her boyfriend James truly is.

Soon afterwards, Barbara returns home and shares much of her personal background with Alysia (up to, but not including her identity as Batgirl). It is at this time that Alysia, after having tried several times in the previous months to do so, finally shares that she is transgender with Barbara. Barbara responds with a simple but earnest statement of love and acceptance.

Other versionsEdit

DC Comics BombshellsEdit

In the DC Comics Bombshell universe (which takes place during an alternate history version of World War II), Alysia is a dancer from Gotham's Little Singapore district who is friends with Kathy Duquesne. After finding out that Kathy and her friends are the League of Batgirls, she is accepted into the group and joins them in their adventures.[3]


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