Alliance for the Future (Peru)

Alliance for the Future (Spanish: Alianza por el Futuro, AF) was a Peruvian electoral alliance formed by pro-Fujimori parties Cambio 90, New Majority and Sí Cumple for the 2006 general election. Its presidential candidate was former President of the Congress and Congresswoman Martha Chávez Cossio.

Alliance for the Future
Alianza por el Futuro
LeaderMartha Chávez
PresidentKeiko Fujimori (de facto)
Preceded byCambio 90 – New Majority
Succeeded byPopular Force
Political positionRight-wing

2006 electionsEdit

The alliance was apparently initially registered in case former President Alberto Fujimori's own ticket (under the party Sí Cumple) is rejected. Fujimori's bid for president was eventually rejected due to his ban by Congress to hold office until 2011, and this coalition became the only pro-Fujimori option in the election after the National Jury of Elections (Jurado Nacional de Elecciones) upheld the ban.

The candidates were:

Chávez is currently a Congresswoman (1995-2006), and was the first woman in Peruvian history to become President of the Congress (1995–96). She was suspended from Congress in 2002 after corruption accusations, but was reinstated in 2005 after she was acquitted in court. Santiago Fujimori is Alberto's younger brother and advisor during his presidency. Rolando Sousa is a lawyer and has not had a prominent role in politics before.

The vice-presidential candidates also ran for Congress under the candidate numbers of 4 and 3, respectively, in the Alliance's list for Lima. This list also included Keiko Fujimori, Alberto's daughter and former First Lady (after her parents' separation), as candidate number 1, who obtained the highest number of votes for an individual candidate. Another member of the party is Alejandro Aguinaga, Alberto Fujimori's personal doctor and former Health Minister and Renzo Reggiardo, the son of former Congressman Andres Reggiardo.

The Alliance's logo consists of an orange oval with the "AF 2006" in white. "AF" serves as both the initials of the coalition and those of Alberto Fujimori.

At the legislative elections held on 9 April 2006, the party won 13.1% of the popular vote and 13 seats out of 120 in the Congress of the Republic. On the same day, presidential nominee Martha Chávez won 7.4% of the popular vote, placing fourth in the election and failed to qualify for the June run-off.


Parliamentary Fujimorista GroupEdit

After the 2006 elections, all of the 13 representatives elected on the Alliance for the Future lists has formed the Parliamentary Fujimorista Group (Spanish: Groupo Parlamentario Fujimorista) in Congress. Keiko's role as a congresswoman was moderate since she maintained a dialogue with APRA. In other words, it was a support for the government of the day in various legislative processes. In subsequent years, her role was discreet as she had periods of leave due to her double maternity leave, trips abroad due to representative obligations and to complete her studies abroad. During her presence at the congress, she was head of the commissions for Women and Social Development, Economy, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence, Foreign Trade and Tourism, Budget and General Account of the Republic, and Housing and Construction.

In July 2008, the Fujimorist bloc helped APRA Congressman Javier Velásquez Quesquén's candidacy for the presidency of the congress. Consequently, the opposition group indicated that this was due to the flexibilities that former president Fujimori received in jail. That same year, Keiko declared her intention to unite all Fujimorists into a single party.

2011 electionsEdit

For the 2011 elections, the Alliance for the Future was succeeded as the Fujimorists' electoral vehicle by Force 2011 led by Alberto Fujimori's daughter, Keiko. Only a minority of Cambio 90 members decided to join the National Solidarity Alliance of former Lima Mayor Luis Castañeda.

Electoral historyEdit

Presidential electionEdit

Year Candidate Coalition Votes Percentage Outcome
2006 Martha Chávez   Alliance for the Future


912 740

Election to the Congress of the RepublicEdit

Year Leader Votes % Number of seats  /  Position
2006 Martha Chávez 1 408 055 13.1%
13 / 120
  10 Minority

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