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Allahabad Jaipur Express

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Allahabad Jaipur Express
12403 Allahabad Mathura Express.jpg
Service type Superfast Express
Current operator(s) North Central Railways
Start Allahabad Junction
Stops 15
End Jaipur
Distance travelled 782 km (486 mi)
Service frequency Daily
On-board services
Class(es) AC 1st Class, AC 2 tier, AC 3 tier, Sleeper, General Unreserved
Seating arrangements Yes
Sleeping arrangements Yes
Catering facilities No
Observation facilities Previously ran up to Mathura Junction
Rolling stock Standard Indian Railways coaches
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Operating speed 110 km/h (68 mph) maximum
58.50 km/h (36 mph), including halts

The 12403/12404 Allahabad Jaipur Express is a Superfast Express belonging to Indian Railways that runs between Allahabad Junction & Jaipur in India. It is a daily service serving the states of Uttar Pradesh & Rajasthan.

It operates as train number 12403 from Allahabad Junction to Jaipur and as train number 12404 in the reverse direction.

Previously it used to run till Mathura Junction but now is extended till Jaipur.



It has 1 AC 1st Class cum AC 2 tier, 1 AC 2 tier, 2 AC 3 tier, 8 Sleeper class, 7 General class coaches with a total of 19 coaches. As with most train services in India, Coach Composition may be amended at the discretion of Indian Railways depending on demand.

12403 Allahabad Jaipur Express at Mathura Junction with its Kanpur based WAP 4


It is a daily train & covers the distance of 782 kilometres in 13 hours 20 mins as 12403 Allahabad Jaipur Express (58.94 km/hr) & 13 hours 35 mins as 12404 Jaipur Allahabad Express (57.07 km/hr).


It is hauled by a Kanpur based WAP 4 till Agra Cantonment and then with WDM 3A of Jhansi shed for the rest of the journey.


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