1995 Algerian presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Algeria on 16 November 1995, in the midst of the Algerian Civil War. The result was a victory for Liamine Zeroual, head of the High Council of State at the time, who won 61% of the vote. The Armed Islamic Group of Algeria threatened to kill anyone who voted, with the slogan "one vote, one bullet", but (official) voter turnout was 74.9%.[1]

1995 Algerian presidential election

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  Liamine Zeroual.jpg
Nominee Liamine Zéroual Mahfoud Nahnah
Party Independent MSP
Popular vote 7,088,618 2,971,974
Percentage 61.0% 25.6%

President before election

Chadli Bendjedid

Elected President

Liamine Zéroual



Delegations of observers came from the Arab League, the African Union, and the United Nations, and reported no major problems. The Armed Islamic Group had threatened to kill voters, but the elections passed with few attacks. Voter turnout was high, despite the three largest parties of the 1991 parliamentary elections (the Islamic Salvation Front, National Liberation Front and Socialist Forces Front) calling for a boycott.


Liamine ZéroualIndependent7,088,61861.01
Mahfoud NahnahMovement of Society for Peace2,971,97425.58
Saïd SadiRally for Culture and Democracy1,115,7969.60
Noureddine BoukrouhParty of Algerian Renewal443,1443.81
Valid votes11,619,53297.11
Invalid/blank votes345,7482.89
Total votes11,965,280100.00
Registered voters/turnout15,965,28074.95
Source: Nohlen et al.


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