1991 Algerian legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Algeria on 26 December 1991. They were the first multi-party elections since independence, but were cancelled by a military coup after the first round when the military expressed concerns that the Islamic Salvation Front, which was almost certain to win more than the two-thirds majority of seats required to change the constitution, would form an Islamic state. The annulling of the elections led to the outbreak of the Algerian Civil War.

1991 Algerian legislative election

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Only elections for 232 of the 430 seats to the People's National Assembly were completed
216 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
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Leader Abdelkader Hachani Chadli Bendjedid Hocine Aït Ahmed
Seats won 188 16 25
Popular vote 3,260,222 1,612,947 510,661
Percentage 47.3% 23.4% 7.4%

Prime Minister before election

Sid Ahmed Ghozali

Elected Prime Minister

Election results annulled
Sid Ahmed Ghozali remains Prime Minister

Of 430 seats contested, 232 were won outright with 50% or more of the first-round vote; the remaining 199 would have proceeded to a second round contested only by the two candidates with the highest number of votes. Voter turnout in the first-round was 59.0%.[1]


Islamic Salvation Front3,260,22247.27188
National Liberation Front1,612,94723.3816
Socialist Forces Front510,6617.4025
Movement of Society for Peace368,6975.350
Rally for Culture and Democracy200,2672.900
Islamic Renaissance Movement150,0932.180
Movement for Democracy in Algeria135,8821.970
Party of Algerian Renewal67,8280.980
National Party for Solidarity and Development48,2080.700
Social Democratic Party28,6380.420
Algerian Movement for Justice and Development27,6230.400
Democratic Movement for Algerian Renewal10,9340.160
Arab-Islamic Rally10,8240.160
Liberal Social Party9,2720.130
Alliance for Justice and Freedom9,8980.140
Union for Democracy and Freedom9,2980.130
Algerian Boumedien Islamic Rally9,0370.130
Democratic Youth Movement8,9020.130
Union of Democratic Forces8,8530.130
People's Unity Party7,7310.110
Party of Democratic Islamic Arab Union7,2830.110
National Alliance of Independent Democrats6,8670.100
Democratic Generation6,7260.100
National Salvation Front6,5750.100
Workers' Socialist Party6,4640.090
Popular Association for Unity and Action6,4550.090
Ecology and Liberty5,5580.080
Progressive Republican Party4,8720.070
Union of Forces for Progress4,1840.060
Jihad Front for Unity3,8990.060
Independence Generations' Front3,8600.060
Republican Party3,6680.050
Front for Algerian Democratic Authenticity3,6000.050
Algerian Liberal Party2,9340.040
Algerian Party of the Essential Man2,6980.040
Ahd 542,4900.040
Democratic Progressive Party2,3800.030
Algerian National Rally2,0450.030
Party of Law1,4760.020
Social Movement for Authenticity1,2250.020
Algerian Party for Justice and Progress1,2220.020
Social Justice Party1,1860.020
Popular Forces' Front1,0670.020
Rally for National Unity9330.010
Organisation of the Forces of Free Revolutionary Islamic Algeria9300.010
Algerian Nation's Youth Rally9280.010
Algerian National Party8160.010
Movement for the Islamic Risala1880.000
National Rally for Progress1110.000
Valid votes6,897,71988.18
Invalid/blank votes924,90611.82
Total votes7,822,625100.00
Registered voters/turnout13,258,55459.00
Source: Nohlen et al.


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