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The Mourning Virgin Mary by Alberto Sotio, fragment from the left side of a large painted crucifix, Walters Art Museum, between 1180-1190

Alberto Sotio, also Alberto Sozio, (active 12th century) was an Italian painter and illuminator of Medieval art. His exact dates of birth and death are not known.

Sotio is considered the central figure of the painting school of Spoleto during the twelfth century.[1] His name (with handwriting Sotio) is located on the crucifix in the Spoleto Cathedral (dated 1187)[2] and he is also attributed some of the frescoes in the Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Spoleto. A fragment from a crucifix attributed to him is a rare example of an early Italian painting executed on parchment affixed to a wooden panel. This suggests that he may have also worked as a manuscript illuminator.[3]