Al-Mustanjid (Cairo)

Al-Mustanjid (Arabic: المستنجد بالله‎) was the fourteenth caliph of Cairo for the Mamluk Sultanate between 1455 and 1479.

المستنجد بالله
14th Caliph of Cairo
Reign1455 – 7 April 1479 (aged 90)
SuccessorAl-Mutawakkil II
Bornunknown date
Cairo, Mamluk Sultanate now Egypt
Died7 April 1479
Cairo, Mamluk Sultanate now Egypt
FatherAl-Mutawakkil I
ReligionSunni Islam

He was son of Al-Mutawakkil I. The Sultan was Al-Ashraf Inal, but the unrest continued throughout his reign. He died in 865 AH. The Caliph then took his son Ahmed, who took the title of Al-Muayyad. The period did not even take place. Ramadan of the same year, and took the title of apparent Saif al-Din Khashdq. Sultan Al-Zaher Khashash continued in the Sultanate for seven years and died in the first spring of 872. He took the caliph, Prince Belbaei, who took the title of his predecessor Al-Zaher al-Din, but only two months later, The title "Al-Zaher" also, and two months after taking over the Sultanate, the soldiers also beat him and took him off. The Sultanate was given to Prince Khair Bey in the evening and in the morning he was taken off by soldiers. Then the Sultanate took over the Emir Qaytbay and took the title of Al-Ashraf. He settled for twenty-nine years and took things firmly. He condemned him. As a result of the stability of his days, he went to the construction of roads, bridges, schools and mosques. Against the Emirate of (Zulkadir) Turkmen, which is located on the outskirts of the Levant between the countries that owe to the Ottomans and the country under the Mamluks sent a campaign in 876 against the Shah of the leader of this emirate, the Sultan Mohammed Al-Fateh supports and supports this Prince of Turkmen, To take over "Entebbe", "Adana" and "Tarsus", Shah Sawar himself was taken to Cairo and he was hanged on the door of Zewailah in 877. The commander of the campaign, Prince Ishbak, appointed Prince Budak as Emir of the state of Zulkadir, one of the dependents of theList of Mamluks. In 877 Prince Ishbak also led a campaign against the second Turkmen state (the white shah), whose then ruler was Hassan al-Tawil, who raided the suburbs of Aleppo. Prince Yashbak was able to win the battle of beer on the Euphrates. Prince Hassan al-Tawil died in 883 and was succeeded by his son Ya'qub Amir al-Raha. In 884 AH.

Al-Mustansjid died on the 14th of Muharram in 1479 after he was wounded and left sick for two months, and was succeeded by his nephew Al-Mutawakkil II (Abdul Aziz bin Yaqoub).


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Born: ? Died: 1479
Sunni Islam titles
Preceded by
Caliph of Cairo
Succeeded by
Al-Mutawakkil II