Al-Musta'in I

Sulayman ibn Muhammad ibn Hud al-Judhami (Arabic: سليمان بن محمد بن هود الجذامي), known by the regnal name al-Mustaʿin bi-Illah (Arabic: المستعين بالله, lit.'He who looks for help to God'), was the first member of the Banu Hud family to rule the medieval taifa of Zaragoza, today a province in Spain. He ruled from 1039 (when he seized control of the city from the Banu Tujib) to 1049.

al-Mustaʿin I
Ruler of Zaragoza
PredecessorAbd Allah ibn al-Hakam al-Tujibi
SuccessorAhmad al-Muqtadir
Died1046 or 1049
al-Mustaʿin bi-Illah Sulayman ibn Muhammad ibn Hud al-Judhami
HouseBanu Hud


Preceded by King of Zaragoza
Succeeded by