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The Akechi Line (明知線, Akechi-sen) is a Japanese railway line in Gifu Prefecture connecting Ena and Akechi stations, which are both located in Ena. There are stations located in Nakatsugawa city as well. This is the only railway line Akechi Railway (明知鉄道, Akechi Tetsudō) operates. The third-sector company took over the former Japanese National Railways line in 1985.

Akechi Line
Akechi Railway Akechi 10.jpg
Akechi 10 series diesel railcar 11
LocaleGifu Prefecture
Opened24 May 1933
OwnerAkechi Railway
Line length25.1 km (15.6 mi)
Number of tracksSingle
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Minimum radius200 m
Operating speed60 km/h (35 mph)[1]



All stations are located in Gifu Prefecture.

Station Japanese Distance
Transfers Location
Ena 恵那 0.0 Chūō Main Line Ena
Higashino 東野 2.6  
Iinuma 飯沼 7.6   Nakatsugawa
Agi 阿木 9.9  
Iibama 飯羽間 12.7   Ena
Gokuraku 極楽 13.7  
Iwamura 岩村 15.0  
Hanashiro 花白 18.3  
Yamaoka 山岡 19.7  
Noshi 野志 23.1  
Akechi 明智 25.1  

Rolling stockEdit

Akechi 10 series railcar 12 in March 2007

As of 1 April 2016, the line is operated using a fleet of five Akechi 10 series diesel railcars and one Akechi 6 series diesel railcar.[2]

A new Akechi 100 series diesel railcar (number 101) entered service on 8 April 2017, replacing the former Akechi 6 series car.[3]


The line opened on 24 May 1933, between Oi Station (present-day Ena Station) and Agi.[1] It was extended to Akechi on 24 June 1934.[1] Freight services were discontinued from 1 February 1981.[1]

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