List of railway companies in Japan

List of railway companies in Japan lists Japanese railway operators.

Those in italics are the third-sector operators; being half-public, half-private.

Japan Railways Group edit

The Japan Railways Group consists of the seven companies that were formed after the privatization of the Japanese National Railways.


Major sixteen private railways edit

Kantō region
Chūbu region
Kansai region

Semi-major six private railways edit

Kantō region
Kansai region

Other private and third sector railways edit

From north to south by prefecture where railway operations are headquartered. Category-3 railway operators and subsidiary companies are not listed. Some English names are unofficial.

Hokkaido edit

Tōhoku region edit

Aomori Prefecture
Iwate Prefecture
Miyagi Prefecture
Akita Prefecture
Yamagata Prefecture
Fukushima Prefecture

Kantō region edit

Ibaraki Prefecture
Tochigi Prefecture
Gunma Prefecture
Saitama Prefecture
Chiba Prefecture
Kanagawa Prefecture

Chūbu region edit

Niigata Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture
Fukui Prefecture
Yamanashi Prefecture
Nagano Prefecture
Gifu Prefecture
Shizuoka Prefecture
Aichi Prefecture

Kansai region edit

Mie Prefecture
Shiga Prefecture
Kyoto Prefecture
Osaka Prefecture
Hyōgo Prefecture
Wakayama Prefecture

Chūgoku region edit

Tottori Prefecture
Shimane Prefecture
Okayama Prefecture
Yamaguchi Prefecture

Shikoku edit

Tokushima Prefecture
Kagawa Prefecture
Ehime Prefecture
Kōchi Prefecture

Kyushu edit

Fukuoka Prefecture
Nagasaki Prefecture
Kumamoto Prefecture

Subways edit

Monorails edit

New transit systems edit

Trams edit

Funiculars edit

Trolleybuses edit

Freight-only companies edit

Selected discontinued companies edit

Those with English articles are listed here.

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References edit

  1. ^ Still active as a bus operator