Ajloun Governorate

Ajloun Governorate (alternative spelling Ajlun Governorate) (Arabic: محافظة عجلون‎) is one of the governorates of Jordan, located north of Amman the capital of Jordan. Ajloun Governorate has the fourth highest population density in Jordan (after Irbid, Jerash, and Balqa Governorates) with a population density of 350.1 people/km² (2012 estimate). It is bordered by Jerash Governorate from the south east and Irbid Governorate from the north and west.

Ajloun Governorate

محافظة عجلون
The city of Ajloun is the capital of Ajloun Governorate
The city of Ajloun is the capital of Ajloun Governorate
Ajloun Governorate in Jordan
Ajloun Governorate in Jordan
SubdivisionsAjloun Department, Kofranjah Department
 • GovernorAli Azzam
 • Total420 km2 (160 sq mi)
 • Total146,900
 • Density350/km2 (910/sq mi)
Time zoneGMT +2
 • Summer (DST)+3
HDI (2017)0.735[1]
high · 2nd

Administrative divisionsEdit

Article 14 of the Administrative Divisions System of the Ministry of Interior divides Ajloun Governorate into two departments.


At a high elevation, Ajloun has one of the most beautiful forests in Jordan, and known for its long cold winters. It is famous for its castle (Ajlun Castle), old name was Qal'at Salah Ad-Dein. The castle was built as a garrison to protect Ajloun strategic geography from the crusaders.


Ajloun is known for its high elevation, which makes it one of the coolest cities in Jordan, with average maximum temperature during January of 8.2c, and a minimum average temperature of 2.8c. Snow is common in the winter and Ajloun city prepares for such eventualities.


The population of districts according to census results:[2]

District Population
(Census 1994)
(Census 2004)
(Census 2015)
Ajloun Governorate 94,548 118,725 176,080
Kufranjah 20,809 27,107 38,260
Qaṣabah 'Ajlūn 73,739 91,618 137,820


Ajloun Governorate depends mainly on agriculture. In 2008, Olive, grape and fruit farms constituted a total area of 141.4 km2 that is 34% of the area of Ajloun Governorate.[3]


There is 28 primary and secondary schools in Ajloun, most of them are public, in addition to Ajloun University College which is a public college and Ajloun National University which is a small private university.

Significant villagesEdit

The most notable towns and villages in Ajloun (other than Ajloun self) are : Ibbeen "ُEbeen", Sakhra, Mrajjam, Rasoun, Ain Janna, Kufranji, Anjara and Al Hashimiyya and (ORJAN).



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