Ain Dara, Lebanon

Ain Dara (Arabic: عين داره‎), is a village about 30 kilometres (19 mi) from Beirut, in the governorate of Mount Lebanon, in the Aley District. Ain Dara Municipality has an area of 2,586 hectares (9.98 sq mi), with a population of approximately 8000 persons (1700 emigrants). It had 3,874 registered voters in 2010. Originally a Druze village, Ain Dara today is a mixed Druze and Christian village, with a Christian majority, as per the recent registered voters.

Ain Dara

عين داره
Ain Dara is located in Lebanon
Ain Dara
Ain Dara
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°47′N 35°43′E / 33.783°N 35.717°E / 33.783; 35.717Coordinates: 33°47′N 35°43′E / 33.783°N 35.717°E / 33.783; 35.717
Country Lebanon
GovernorateMount Lebanon Governorate
DistrictAley District
4,300 ft (1,300 m)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)+3
Dialing code+961

Ain Dara is located on a southward facing slope overlooking the pine forests of the safa valley at an elevation of 1,300 metres (4,300 ft). It is close to Mount Barouk, which is famous for its cedar forest. Its altitude gives it cool summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall.

Some well-known places surrounding Ain Dara are Hammana and Mdeirej to the north, Aghmeed and Bmahray to the south, Dahr-el-Baydar to the east and Saoufar to the west. Ain Dara is known for the famous Battle of Ain Dara that took place in 1711 between the two parties of the time; the Qaysis and the Yemenis, resulting in a total Qaysi victory under the leadership of Emir Haidar Chehab; a victory that decisively established the Chehabi rule for the next 150 years.

Places of worshipEdit

  • Druze Khalwat: Khalwat Zeitouni, Atallah

Ain Dara also contains five churches :

  • Saint George (gerges) Maronite Church (The oldest church in the village 1890 AD)
  • Saint Mary (al saydeh) Maronite Church
  • Saint George (gawergios) Orthodox Church, Father Ghassan Haddad.
  • Saint Elie (elias) Orthodox Church, Father Ghassan Haddad
  • Church of the Assumption, Orthodox Church, Father Ghassan Haddad
  • Aindara Evangelical Baptist Church.

Nature and cultural attractionsEdit

Natural and Cultural Attractions are:

  • El-Okeili Historical Square
  • Ancient Churches: Mar Gerges - Maronite Church, Mar Gerges Orthodox Church
  • Druze hermitage site: Makam Shaykh Badereddin El Enderi (The first Shaykh Akl of the Druze)
  • Qoubat Al-Sitt
  • Ancient village of Tayroush
  • Natural water sources: Ain Barakeh, Ain Al Tarcha, Ain Majed, Ain Al-Kakbi, Ain Al-Tamam, Hafr Al Tannour, Bahsasa, Ain Al Bustan, Ain Al Hammam, Ain Al Wosta
  • Al Dayaa Grottos
  • Pine Forest


Families of Ain Dara include: Atallah, Bader, Bou Faissal, Faisal, Haddad, Haidamous, Wehbeh, Yammine, Yehia, Zakharia, Zeitouni.

Additional informationEdit

Ain Dara has 3 schools: - 1 public and 2 private. There are no hospitals in Ain Dara.