Agnes of Brunswick-Grubenhagen

Agnes of Brunswick-Grubenhagen (born: c. 1406; died: 18 November 1439) was, from 1412 to 1439, abbess of Gandersheim Abbey as Agnes II.

Agnes of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
Bornc. 1406
Died(1439-11-18)18 November 1439
BuriedAbbey church in Gandersheim Abbey
Noble familyHouse of Guelph
FatherEric I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
MotherElisabeth of Brunswick-Göttingen


She was a daughter of Eric I, Duke of Brunswick-Grubenhagen. She was about six years old when she was elected abbess of Gandersheim Abbey. The pope confirmed Agnes's election while she was a minor while Agnes, however, he appointed a dean of the Abbey as her guardian and regent. Around 1425, Agnes began to rule without a regent.

She died in 1439 and was buried in the abbey church.

Guelph inheritance divisionEdit

In connection with the Guelph inheritance division[1] after the Lords of Homburg died out, she transferred the castle and town of Gandersheim and the castles of Seesen and Stauffenburg to Otto II of Brunswick-Göttingen. She transferred Asseburg Castle, Gifhorn, Castle and City of Lüneburg, Greene Castle, Lüthorst, one half of the fief of Homburg, Lauenstein Castle, and the former County of Wernigerode to William I of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.[2]


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