Agnes of Beaujeu

Agnes of Beaujeu (Agnès de Beaujeu; ? – 11 July 1231) was a French noblewoman, the daughter of Guichard IV of Beaujeu and his wife Sybil of Hainaut.[1] Agnes was Countess of Champagne by her marriage to Theobald I of Navarre.[2]

Agnes of Beaujeu
Spouse(s)Theobald I of Navarre
FatherGuichard IV of Beaujeu
MotherSybille of Flanders

Agnes married in 1223 to Theobald.[3] For Theobald, this was his second marriage.[4] Agnes and Theobald had Blanche of Navarre, Duchess of Brittany

Agnes died 1231,[3] and was buried at Clairvaux.[3]



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