Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut

Baldwin V of Hainaut (1150 – 17 December 1195) was count of Hainaut (1171–1195), margrave of Namur as Baldwin I (1189–1195) and count of Flanders as Baldwin VIII (1191–1195).

Baldwin V, Count of Hainaut
Baldwin V's seal
Died(1195-12-17)17 December 1195 (age 45)
Noble familyHouse of Flanders
Spouse(s)Margaret I, Countess of Flanders
FatherBaldwin IV, Count of Hainaut
MotherAlice of Namur

History edit

He was the son of Baldwin IV, Count of Hainaut. In the winter of 1182 on 1183, the Count of Namur-Luxembourg was seriously ill and completely blind, whereupon Baldwin immediately visited him in Luxembourg. There he was reconfirmed as heir by his uncle and was able to receive the homage of several vassals from him. The succession was confirmed by Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa on 22 May 1184 at the Diet of Pentecost in Mainz, on which Baldwin acted as imperial sword bearer. Flanders was acquired via his marriage to his widowed third cousin once removed Margaret I of Flanders, Countess of Flanders in 1169.[1] Namur was acquired from his mother Alice of Namur. He was described as "The Count Baldwin with eyes of blue."[2]

He was buried at the monastery of Saint Waudru before the altar of Blessed James the apostle.[3]

Family edit

With Margaret, Baldwin had the following issue:

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Preceded by Count of Flanders
with Margaret I
Succeeded by
Preceded by Count of Hainaut
Preceded by Marquis of Namur
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