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Aganju (known as Agayú or Aganyú in Latin America) is an Orisha. He is syncretized with Saint Christopher. Aganju is strongly associated with Shango, being either Shango's father or his brother; both Orishas being members of the deified royal family of Oyo.

Member of Orisha
Other namesAganju
Venerated inYoruba religion, Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Haitian Vodou, Folk Catholicism
RegionNigeria, Benin, Brazil
Ethnic groupYoruba people, Fon people
Catholic equivalentSaint Christopher


Yoruba religionEdit

In the Yoruba areas of Nigeria and Benin Republic, Aganju is known as a deified warrior king from the town of Shaki in the present-day Oyo State of Nigeria. He was said to walk with a sword. Shaki is in the savannah area of northern Yorubaland that has monoliths and boulder outcroppings.

Santería (Lucumí/Regla de Ocha)Edit

In Cuba, Aganju is a volcano deity for the practitioners of Santeria/Lucumi religion. But there are no volcanoes in Yorubaland, nor is Aganju associated with volcanoes among the Yoruba people.


In the Afro-Brazilian tradition of Candomblé, Aganjú is worshiped as a manifestation or quality of the Orisha Shango, often called Xango Aganjú. Aganjú represents all that is explosive and lacking control. He is also nicknamed "Xangô menino" among Candomblé practitioners.


Further readingEdit

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