Adsav (Revival) is a Breton nationalist secessionist party active in Brittany, which claims to be neither right-wing or left-wing, although its roots are on the right[1] and it is widely considered to be a far right party.[2]

PresidentRonan Le Gall
IdeologyBreton nationalism
Political positionCentre
Colors  Orange

Adsav was created after a split inside the Parti pour l'Organisation d'une Bretagne Libre. The other faction created the Breton Federalist League. It claims 700 members but this figure is considered a gross overestimation by other political forces. It organises an annual commemoration at the site of the Battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier (1488).

In 2002 Adsav was expelled from a rally promoting the reintegration of Nantes into Brittany when its members spray-painted "Bretagne pour les Bretons" (Eng. "Brittany for the Bretons") on billboards and heckled a group of Berber singers.[2]


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