Party for the Organization of a Free Brittany

The Party for the Organization of a Free Brittany (French: Parti pour l'organisation d'une Bretagne libre) was a Breton political party that advocated political sovereignty for Brittany. Its initials "POBL" form a backronym, as the word pobl in Breton means "people" or "community".

Already a right-wing party at its foundation, it progressively drifted toward the far-right and two of its members were involved in an altercation with leftist militants of the Union Démocratique Bretonne at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient in 1999.

Never very influential, the party was crippled by the departure of most of its cadres for Adsav in 2000 and ceased its activities. What remained of it merged with other minor organisations to form the Ligue fédéraliste de Bretagne