Adela of Meissen

Adela of Meissen (also Adelheid or Adele) (died 23 October 1181) was a Danish Queen consort, spouse of King Sweyn III of Denmark. She was the daughter of Conrad, Margrave of Meissen, and Luitgard of Ravenstein.

Adela of Meissen
Queen consort of Denmark
Died23 October 1181
SpouseSweyn III of Denmark
Adalbert III, Count of Ballenstedt
FatherConrad, Margrave of Meissen
MotherLuitgard of Ravenstein

Adela was born in Meissen.[1] She was married to Sweyn in 1152. As queen of Denmark, Adela was not popular, but criticized for influencing her spouse to abandon Danish customs in favour of German ones.

Widowed in 1157, she married count Adalbert III of Ballenstedt.


Issue with Swein

Issue with Adalbert


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Adela of Meissen
Born:  ? Died: 23 October 1181
Preceded by
Lutgard of Salzwedel
Queen consort of Denmark
Succeeded by
Helena of Sweden