Dansk Biografisk Leksikon

Dansk Biografisk Leksikon (usually abbreviated DBL; title of first edition written Dansk biografisk Lexikon) is a Danish biographical dictionary that has been published in three editions. The first edition, Dansk biografisk Lexikon, tillige omfattende Norge for tidsrummet 1537-1814 ("...including Norway for the period 1537-1814") was published in nineteen volumes 1887-1905 under the editorship of the historian Carl Frederik Bricka. The first edition, which is in the public domain is available online at Projekt Runeberg.

Later editions were published 1933-1934 (27 volumes) and 1979-1984 (16 volumes). While some of the biographies from the previous editions have been updated in the third edition, many others – considered of less contemporary relevance – were left out and need to be consulted in its predecessors.


  • Dansk biografisk Lexikon, tillige omfattende Norge for tidsrummet 1537-1814, editor: C. F. Bricka, 19 volumes, Copenhagen:Gyldendal, 1887–1905
  • Dansk biografisk Leksikon, 2nd edition, 27 volumes, editors: Povl Engelstoft and Svend Dahl, Copenhagen, 1933–44.
  • Dansk biografisk leksikon, 3rd edition, 16 volumes, editor: Svend Cedergreen Bech, Copenhagen, 1979–84.

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Searchable online access to the articles, some of which have been updated, is available from Gyldendal's Den Store Danske website.[1]

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