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Abū Bakr (Arabic: أبو بكر) is an Arabic given name meaning "Father of a Young Camel" (Abu meaning 'Father of' and Bakr meaning 'Young Camel') that is widely used by Sunni Muslims.[1]

Abu Bakr
Rashidun Caliph Abu Bakr as-Șiddīq (Abdullah ibn Abi Quhafa) - أبو بكر الصديق عبد الله بن عثمان التيمي القرشي أول الخلفاء الراشدين.svg
Calligraphic representation of
Abu Bakr al-Siddīq's name
Word/nameSemitic (Arabic)
Meaning"Father of a Young Camel"

Other transliterations include Abu Bakar, Abu Bekr, Ebubekir, Aboubacar, Abubakar, etc. The two parts of the name can be written together, hyphenated, or separately.

The most famous person to carry this name was Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (c. 573–634), one of the companions of the prophet Muhammad and the first caliph of Islam. He was also Muhammad's father-in-law through Aisha. His real name was Abdullah, Abu Bakr being his kunya.

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  • Boubacar, West African version of the same name


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