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Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad (Arabic: أبو بكر بن محمد‎) (reigned 1525–1526) was a Somali Sultan of the Sultanate of Adal. The historian Richard Pankhurst credits Abu Bakr with founding the city of Harar,[1] which he made his military headquarters in 1520.

Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad
أبو بكر بن محمد
Sultan of the Sultanate of Adal
DynastyWalashma dynasty


Abu Bakr organized Somali troops, then attacked Sultan Garad Abun ibn Adash of Adal and killed him, making himself sultan. However, his control over Adal was disputed by Imam Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi, who eventually defeated Abu Bakr and killed him. The Imam then made his own brother, Umar Din, the new Sultan.[2]

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Preceded by
Muhammad ibn Azhar ad-Din
Walashma dynasty Succeeded by
Umar Din